“Fans should be proud of De Laurentiis. I’ll explain how she took Kvaratskhelia.”

important working session for Naples Which this summer witnessed a real revolution.

The inescapable protagonist was the sports director Cristiano Giuntoliby phone from editorial board From Radio Kiss Kiss NaplesOfficial Announcer for Football in Naplesto assess the situation a Market is over.

Below, what our editorial staff highlights:

“The compliments should be broken down to all elements of the company and our employees. Together with all communications, we have done a long and important work. A warm applause to all. It was already renewed in 2019, the following year we lost the Champions League for the Champions League, and last year we made it. We have tried to restart with a project that can provide economic continuity and sustainability as well. A Napoli fan should be proud of the De Laurentiis family, and keeping this club at these levels is a huge plus.

“Kvaratskhelia? Many reports arrive, and then there has been our interest over the years. In the past they asked for a lot of money, we waited for the right moment. We were able to bring this boy home at unexpected times.”

“It takes time to get to know each other specifically and it takes a little patience, we have changed so muchs “.

“This is the eighth year I’ve been in Naples. Bobolino can’t recognize these things, but it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that Napoli are at a high level.”

How is Osimhen? “Osimene feels some discomfort in the adductor muscle, which he has to manage with the doctor and understand whether or not he will take a risk.“.

In the case of the goalkeeper:We have always focused on Merritt. In the last year alone he had two long injuries. When we bought it, it held up for four months. With Ancelotti he reached the peak, then due to injuries he did not find continuity.

Navas to him: “We ended up with players on the deadline like Fabian. and for this We found a deal With PSG: Since they were looking for a player with Fabian characteristics, we proposed him and in return we made ourselves available to Navas. When we realized that the process could no longer be completed for the goalkeeper, we were good at selling only Fabian anyway“.

Regarding the Merit renewal: DA wanted to see who became a deputy. Now I don’t think there are any problems, but when Pastorillo arrives from vacation we’ll see. Merritt against Lazio made a great save for Felipe Anderson. Sometimes he makes things easy, but he’s actually played more than a hundred games for Napoli and there has to be a reason.”

So Cristiano Ronaldo: “It’s bad that you have to put away the dreams of the fans but there were no negotiations. No one is arguing with the qualities of Cristiano Ronaldo, but we are close and we stay close to our players we think we have a very competitive squad.”

Could Ndombele play 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1? “If he is in good shape, he can also play in the second. At the moment, in my opinion, he is better in 3 so that you can divide the field with more players. I think it is better to play on the Mizala in a 4-3-3 way. Right there In recovery with Tottenham even if it is high.”

Were all players selected first? “Yes, in every case there is a path to viability. All of these possible options were the first options.”

Ndombele? “He is a bit out of the competition, he has great qualities but we also notice that he is suffering because he is missing the game. The coach has to be good at getting him in good shape little by little. We have already dealt with him for a few years now and he has facilitated us with good relations with Tottenham.”

Liverpool? “It is very difficult even if we have won the last two times. At the moment he seems to be in trouble but he has changed a bit but it will be a very difficult match but it will definitely be for them as well.”

Were you afraid to skip the Raspadori negotiations?: “We found him, he really wanted to come. Reinforced by that factor, we pulled the rope a bit and checked Sassuolo’s requests.. Role? He can also play as a striker, and he has the qualifications to do that in certain matches.”

Sue Zelensky: “We are talking about an important player, who can play three and four and can fit into the empty spaces.”

In Relationships with Owner and Trainer: “There is great appreciation and a great relationship with the De Laurentiis family. Spalletti is a citizen of me and I honestly feel good about that.”

In the tournament: “Juventus made a great deal, and so did Roma. Inter faced Lukaku, Milan are a strong team. Beautifully open and competitive buildings.”

in his contract: My card is zero (laughs).

In the anti-Naples choirs: “This is the eighth year I’ve been here. This is a wonderful city, like the Neapolitans. There is pressure here, but it makes you feel alive. We have to feel strong, I say feel because now I feel like a Neapolitan too. I’m a citizen.” An Italian and this choir pisses me off, but when I hear these choirs I feel a bit proud of them because it means we bother.”