Farewell to the sports queen: from horses to football, from tennis to rugby

He has never hidden his passion for horses, in fact Elizabeth II has always had a very active relationship with the sports world

The longest-lived sovereign in the history of England dies at the age of 96, A very long throne 70 years In which the connection to sports has always been strong. She was the one who rewarded English world champion in London 1966But it was the Queen who was rewarded too Australia is the world champion in rugby In 1999, Without neglecting his great love for horses and Royal Ascot.

Queen Elizabeth presents the Rime Cup to England captain Moore

Elizabeth ascended the throne of England when she was still There was no football World Cup and the The Champions Cup hasn’t been created yetBut his relationship with the sport was instant and there are many sporting events he attended. The King has witnessed 23 World Cups and 24 Summer Olympics.

The queen of sports

Queen Elizabeth died at her Balmoral residence in Scotland. The king was 96 years old, 70 of them passed to the throne of England. Great emotion also from the world of sports, the world Queen Elizabeth II knows well and with whom He was restricted during his very long reign. Participate in events over or under the age of 22, accompanied by Father Ra George VI from whom he inherited the throne. It has always been my true passion for sports his beloved horses, In fact, she started riding since she was a kid, and always tried to relax with the foals whenever she could He grew up in his stable. Then her passion translated into a sporting event that Elisabetta never missed, namely Royal Ascot. Race day in honor of the English ruler who is the same Imposed very strict dress code: Participation was not possible without a suitable head covering.

His relationship to football

In 2007 she made it clear that she was a fan of a certain team, specificallyArsenaljust me Arsenal They were actually the only team that got an A Buckingham Palace. But her first official appearance at a football match as Sovereign The 1953 FA Cup Final was between Blackpool and Bolton. It is clear that she was the one who rewarded World champion in England at Wembley in 1966It is the first, and so far only, World Cup victory for England. “Football is a difficult sport and trade, and the players are often first-rate women, but It’s a great game”And the This is the idea that Queen Elizabeth expressed in football, a sport she has always loved and appreciated. IHis presence in the European Championship 1996 was unmissable, organized in England. Attended the Wembley Final, awarded European champion in Germany, Shake hands with all players.

The Queen honors Virginia Wade as the winner of Wimbledon 1977

Rugby is the true English passion

Not only football, there is in England too Football Among the most practiced sports that, inevitably, have a connection to Queen Elizabeth. King was actually the sponsor of rugby football union, Welsh Rugby Unionthe two main entities of rugby in England and Wales. It was the queen who rewarded John AilesCaptainAustraliaAt the end of the final, 1999 rugby world cup, won against France It was played in Cardiff, Wales. Elizabeth was too Patrona del All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, This is the club that organizes Wimbledon, the most famous tournament in the world, and on three occasions it was present in the final, awarding the male and female championship winner.

The Queen of the Olympic Games

Elizabeth II can be identified with the Olympic Games in which she participated Attended six times, four times in the summer and two times in the winter: He was present as Head of State of Great Britain, Canada and Australia, and presided over Melbourne Games 1956, Montreal 1976, Calgary 1988, Sydney 2000, Vancouver 2010 and London 2012. Participation in the opening ceremony side by side James Bond, explain it Daniel Craig. In short, the death of Elizabeth II era closesnot only politically and not just for Great Britain, but it also closes a big door on world sport.