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From Marco Bonnerego

Roberto Amadeo’s role is a director for Citizens and a shareholder in LAM, a consulting firm, with more men in the union. For one of his ex-partners, Claudio Tessera, 106 thousand euros of the commission case was supposed to pass through Reiwa

My idea is to create a more significant brand of Italian cycling. We want to work to get the most out of the movement and people who are convinced that only through this growth can the conditions be created to attract sponsors and build a better future for our sport. With these words – It was June 2021 – Roberto Amadeo Explaining the project behind his role again (and unpublished for FCI) National cycling team manager. A quick promotion, just three months after he joined Federciclismo in the role of Head of Technical Structure.

Cassani’s dismissal

Two months later – in August – Amadeo did not give up David Cassaniresponsible for all blue technical commissioners, pass the games track tests. They finished their races – explained to Corriere della Sera Director from Friuli – All technicians must leave Tokyo: Olympic regulations. Cassani is no exception. The? I am a team manager in the national team and therefore I will stay. At the beginning of September 2022 – David Cassani – who left Federciclismo at the end of 2021 – He remembered those days on his Facebook profile, in an open letter to Federal President DagnoniCassani wrote: You knew very well that the quartet led by Marco Villa would fight for gold, which is why you called me from Roberto Amadeo two days before I left for Tokyo. Even today those words echo in my head: David, you can’t stay in Tokyo for track races because there’s no permit for you. On that day, if you had punched me in the face, you would have hurt me a lot less. But perhaps now you can understand what I felt in those days.

Amadeo, the strongest

With Federciclismo by storm since mid-August for 106,000 euros in mysterious commissions for collecting sponsors, which are attributed first to an Irish broker, and then to five people who were not authorized to find them, the roleFormer contestant Amadeo, the man who in just over a year has assumed an unprecedented role and power On the centenary of Federciclismo’s history.

ex cyclist

Born in 1963, moved to the city of Friuli, Amadeo was a professional cyclist of no particular depth, but in 1986 he contributed to the world title in the team’s pursuit on the track. From 2005 to 2014 he led Liquigas Cannondale as team manager which (launched Nibali and Sagan among others) was the last high-profile team in Italian cycling. With the team shutting down due to the sponsor abandonment, Amadeo had to devise another job.


While still running Liquigas (until November 12, 2010, when he sold his stake) Amadeo was a partner of T & F Sport Management on Citronniers Street in Montecarlo, a company controlled by Vicenza Claudio Facilitator Which dealt with managing the image rights of dozens of professional cyclists. The prosecutor in Padua investigates the affairs of the group: a criminal case (the famous Mito operation) is never celebrated but several athletes (even well-known athletes) negotiated with the Revenue Agency to convert prison sentences into fines for tax evasion.

Claudio Facilitator and the Irish Mystery

The name Claudio Tesira (who is no longer associated with Amadeo) resurfaced at the beginning of last August when Norma GemondiVice-President of Federciclismo, notes that in the minutes of the meeting of the Federal Council submitted to the members of the Council for ratification, the delegation For President Danione to pay 106,000 euros in commissions for finding 5 sponsors of an Irish company, Dublin-based Reiwa Investments Ldt.
Gemondi withholds consent and resigns and scandal erupts.

Who chose Reiwa Ldt?

The mysterious Claudio Tessera still holds all of Reiwa’s shares. Federciclismo explains that the company was included in the minutes by mistake, but two days ago, Dagnoni told the Corriere della Sera

Alternatively contacted to be able to pay commissions to Italian brokers who were unable to invoice them due to the lack of a VAT number. So far, Federciclismo has not provided any clarification of the facts or made clear who was involved in Reiwa, who acknowledged negotiations in recent months but never succeeded.

Thousands of roles from Amadeo

But now we have to go back to amadeobecause at the time it joins the union (and still is today) our role plays the role of business developer, new business advisor and sponsorship in LAM Sport Consulting Sesto Al Reghena, a company that prides itself on its mission of vertical knowledge of the world of cycling and solid knowledge of sports marketing to offer its partners and sponsor an exclusive communication platform, transforming the power of cycling into measurable results. Lamm is proud to specialize in sponsorship, relationship management, media and media relations activities with all stakeholders in the cycling world and digital celebrity management to promote the athlete and nurture his image. However, in the company’s state history, there is only a Tour de San Luis secondary stage race in Argentina that was put down in 2016.

Who is behind L?

More interesting to understand who is behind L. According to the surveys discovered by courierbehind Roberto Amadeo (20% shareholder)I am the lawyer from Karima Massimo Martelli (20% stake, sole director, Evan Basu defended as attorney in doping trials), Gabriel Upoldiwho is based in Varese, Spain and owns 20%, then two companies, namely Voyland Ltd. Dublin and London ought to Limited to 20% each. We always talk about small companies with modest capital. Another survey reveals that Voiland is owned by Giovanni Lombardi, the 1992 Barcelona Olympic track, and the agent of many cycling aces. It must, on the other hand, after about ten changes of hands, belong today to Peter SaganThe famous triple world champion.

Lam occupies multiple rooms in the union

But it is not over. He also collaborates with Lam Sports of Amadeo Barbara Wismara Who worked in the past in Liquigas, and today provides the Friulian Agency with his contribution in strategic consulting and in the design, planning and implementation of communications and marketing activities. Well, for a few months now, Vismara has also been head of Federciclismo’s marketing office, complete with company email and mobile phone. When the door was shown to Davide Cassani, the idea that Romagna’s technician was upsetting was the big media vision and the many roles played in contrast to each other. More than playing many roles, Roberto Amadeo appears to have set up solid tents in many of the Federation Chambers.

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