Fiorentina, no more contradictions and hatred: there is a season to save

Defeat caused by a very hot environment and other variables

I start with the two episodes that define this match, the team logo, and with it the entire environment in complete confusion. in net tie Igor – Disastrous for the rest of his performance – located in the center right of the defense, instead of Quarta. He tries to fix the ball with his right, but he is left-handed and leaves the field for Barrow. In the second, the opposite happens: it is Martinez IV, much better than his partner, being left out of position. Cincischia, suffers from an error Orsato has not detected and the multiplier arrives. Why were the two off site? Perhaps because the organization of the team is not perfect. Certain mechanics highlight the problem, which has certainly been exacerbated by the many matches played and by a team in certain divisions that are smaller in size for three competitions.

It was said from the episodes that decided the Fiorentina match that it was unable to respond unexpectedly 1-2 from philistine. Legs are definitely heavy (in the second half, unlike the first, all the contested balls were from rossoblu) and the game is very slow and predictable. It’s the same as last year. But there is a lack of solutions and a director who does vertical planning every now and then. He loved He’s good (today a little less), but he often plays horizontal and doesn’t make the through ball we saw in Torreira. committed He told us that, with towerAmrabat will lose its value. However, we must look ahead and think how much the team will lose if they achieve, and hopefully not, a mediocre championship. He also told us about an extraordinary process of selling Vlahovic. From an economic point of view, I agree with him, but then you have to find a suitable alternative. Unfortunately, at this moment, no jovich Neither Cabral They send positive signals, not even encouraging ones.

Season recovery time is everything. The first thing to do is try to recreate a peaceful environment. It pains me to say that President Komiso It seems he doesn’t want to know about this. Every time he speaks he has fiery words against the press, saving only fans, but not all of them. Also during the week, remember an article, certainly out of place, written by the Gazzetta dello Sport in May 2021 (16 months ago). Then he said again that journalists make money with Fiorentina and that Florence talks a lot (it’s true), but they don’t do anything. In the first case, who is he talking about? Give names and nicknames because in the press room there were a lot of young people enthusiastic about the role they occupy, but they barely managed to earn 500 euros a month. It is not a good idea to have to swallow a few speeches constantly, and it certainly is not a good idea to repeat them every time.

Dear Rocco, I graciously allow myself to you. If you are interested in Fiorentinaand I have no doubt in this regard either given the money I put into the company, pull enough into your room and try to calm down Boiling spirits For you and those who advise you in this direction. Only with a calm environment and unity of purpose can the long and special season be straightened. Journalists don’t go to the pitch and they’re not all bad and ugly, the fans gossip but they’re always excited. This is Florence Rocco, these are Florence.

So I ask you to try to understand why this team (in the championship a victory in the 95th minute thanks to a duck from Radu) did not achieve and what could be the remedy. The first thing I allow him to freely recommend is lowering tones, Accept criticism if true and anger those who are dumped just to cause confusion, but without going to find out about episodes that are more than a year old that can no longer be changed and will be prosecuted. Florence is a hot city In every sense he lives, sportingly, for his team Fiorentina and suffers terribly to see matches like the ones that exist today, in Empoli, in Udine.

I ask everyone: Journalists, fans and clubs To close with inconsistencies, malice, wall to wall. I think all of this really does nowhere but to put confusion in the heads of those who go into the field and those who lead the orchestra.