“Forced to retire. My best time at Inter. Regret? One, I was 18”

David Santonex-child Inter from Jose’s definition MourinhoHe decided to hang his shoes permanently. “I have to stop playingAnd – says a Tuttomercatoweb.com -. Not because of not receiving offers, not for anything else, but because my body, with so many injuries in the past, can’t take it anymore. I am forced to do this. I don’t want to, but I have to.”

A painful choice, Santon’s choice: “I struggled in the first months – he admits -. I had time to think about it. When I was out of the team in Rome, I went through a period where I struggled: I did not expect this final career. I wanted to play, to have fun, and unfortunately it was I immediately had everything and went climbing. But you have to accept: I have thought a lot, I have a family, two girls, and now I dedicate myself to it and then I will see if you stay in football or in another area.”

Now is the time to look over his shoulder in search of Santon, especially by looking at a particular arc in his career: “The first period at Inter was the best, when we won it all. I had layovers and injuries, but it was great: I was so young and didn’t realize we were making history. We only lost the European Super Cup, it was the best moment. I was with extraordinary heroes in the dressing room.”

Many technicians who mention it make it grow: “Mourinho, Benitez, Leonardo, Gasperini, Mancini, Conte who called me for the national team, Pioli, Spalletti, Pardeo, De Boer, Fonseca, Di Francesco, Ranieri … without forgetting those from The early years in the youth sector at Inter, of course. With Mourinho I lived the most wonderful period but I don’t put it among the quietest: I was young, there was a lot of pressure in the environment.. Year of the Champions I was out for six months due to physical problems, it was not a period A lot of calm, unlike what happens with Pardew first and then Carver. We played the Champions League last, we passed Tottenham, but there was no great pressure, the environment was extraordinary.”

Santon does not hide a bit of bitterness when he talks about the real regret of his football adventure: “When I got injured at 18 in under 21, I was injured because they made me entrance. I felt like my knee was broken, it was painful: at halftime I went into the locker room, I felt bad, The second coach told me “we need you, wait” and I decided not to give up. I played the whole second half with a broken knee and broke it. From a small fracture it turned into fractures. And instead of stopping and listening to the body, I decided to continue.

The future is not yet decided, but Santon already has some thoughts on the subject: “Football has become a world where there is no love that I grew up with. Moratti was a boss, he was like a father, he showed affection towards two players … Now he is a business, They use you, they drop you off and they take another one. I don’t know if it still belongs to me or not… The thing I’d like to do is coach in the youth sector or… I should think about it. But I don’t know if you’ll continue in this world. Or not, maybe even a commentator. You have to have the motivation inside, you have to get the right spark in what you do and there I will decide what I do with love and desire.”