Trentino Ricardo Luca (Work Service Group Vitalcare Vega) won the third stage of the 58th edition of International tour of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region160 km from Pavia de Udine and you reach the legendary Zoncolan mountain. The whole Italian podium with second place Francesco Bussato (General Store – Sogaibi – Flee Korea) and the third of Niccolo Borati (Friuli cycling team).

Belgian guy Emil Ferring (Alpecin-Deceuninck development team), fifth today, is the new general classification leader and wore the yellow “Pratic” jersey. But the battle for the final victory is very open with Boratti second in just 2 seconds and Friulian Tonati third in 3 seconds.

The race started in Pavia di Udine (Udine COSEF Industrial Area), from the headquarters of EdilmeccanicaOne of the sponsors of the event. In the first kilometers of the race there are some attempts to extend, but after 45 kilometers the most important break is born in the first part of the day. In command, a pair composed of Slovenian matic mask (Ljubljana Gusto Santic) It is Italian Lorenzo Quarci (Hopplà Petroli Florence Don Camillo). The first hour of the race flies at 47,723 km per hour and meanwhile the leaders won 1’26” on the set.

The gap between the Runaways and the group continues to grow, 4’11 inches at the 72.5 kilometer and Quartucci is first to cross the hill at the first GBM race at Forgaria Neil Friuli (the Sisclanes would then win the next stage). The maximum tread advantage is 4’36” and for several kilometers Quartucci becomes the default yellow jersey for the Giro.

About fifty kilometers from the end, the group begins to organize the chase and the advantage of the fugitives begins to decrease with the passage of kilometers: 3’10” after 125 kilometers, 1’45” after 133 kilometers. Throw in a Macek sponge, which will then reabsorb the set. So Quartucci is left alone in the driving position with a 50-second advantage. The Tuscans also have time to win Rovascleto’s third Grand Prix before being chased by a group of 18 riders who found themselves ahead in view of the final climb of the day.

Among the nineteen men now leading the race, there is also the yellow jersey Matthew Zorlu(Zalf Euromobil Desiree Fior), while behind them, at about thirty seconds, another group of 20 athletes was reported.

After the first slopes of the Zoncolan climb, the leading group immediately begins to “lose pieces”. Try the attack Andrea Garrosio (Biesse Carrera), on the Brescia side it was returned in the first place Dennis Locke (Carnovali Rime Sias) Then too Niccolo Borati (Friuli cycling team), Francesco Bussato (general store) David Tonati (Italian national cyclocross), Emil Ferring (Alpecin-Deceuninck development team) E Ricardo Luca (Work Service) who make up a group of seven passengers to drive when there is just over three kilometers to go. Behind the yellow jersey, Matteo Zorlo has been reported to be having a tough time and then a more determined one in front of him.

About a kilometer and a half from the end of Trentino Ricardo Luca He sets the decisive draw and alone crosses the finish line in Zoncolan. For him, this is the sixth success of the season, this year he has already established himself among the pros on a stage of the Adriatica Ionica race.

Blues Carnea Winter Sports also attended the awards ceremony: Alessio de Krijnes (ski jumping), Luca di Fabro (cross-country skiing), Martina di Cinta (cross-country skiing), Michael Galassi (biathlon and roller skates), Christina Petén (cross-country skiing), Sarah Scatullo (biathlon), Ilaria Schatullo (biathlon) and Dimitra Theocharis (alpine skiing and mountain running).


Stage winner Ricardo Luca He said: “A great stage and a great victory. We came to try it out and so I’ve always kept the situation under control. It wasn’t an easy climb, because he was better at driving. The group split after the first hairpin bends and left me a bit, then I saw Zorlu was in a bit of trouble so I jumped on him and came back.” In front of the first set. I was always on the verge of recovery and then I stretched before the last kilometer because I knew the road had flattened a bit and if I get to the head there it will. I want to dedicate this win to my teammate Nicola Vinciarrotti (Athlete Friuli involved in a bad running accident a few months ago, editor)Who came to visit us yesterday and followed the podium in the major. He definitely wants to come back and my thoughts today definitely go to him. We look forward to it! “.

The new leader of Giro della Regione FVG Emil Ferring He said: “I am very happy to be at the top of the standings. A lot of us were very close so I realized today that I had to do my best to try and get this jersey. I have to thank my team because they have done a great job these days. Starting with the team time trial, then we went in Yesterday in the decisive break, and today I am happy to pay off my teammates’ work with this shirt. Being able to take it on a legendary mountain like Zoncolan is fantastic. In fact, I’m not very familiar with big mountains, I’ve been to the Giro della Valle d’Aosta in recent months as There was a lot of climbing and today was a good test for me”.

Belgian Verstrynge will have to defend his lead from attacking opponents tomorrow before focusing on the upcoming cyclocross season, which begins on September 25 in Belgium.

Tomorrow’s stage

Tomorrow the fourth and final stage of 152 km from Trieste to Udine. Departure from Porto Vecchio of Trieste shortly before 12.30 for a transfer of 5.5 km and the actual start to be served at 12.30 from the Miramare Junction on the SR14 Strada Costiera.

Arrival in Udine, on Piazza 1 Maggio degree, is expected at 4 pm.

The track will also offer two small ascents: Class III Gpm from Abbazia di Rosazzo (161 m) of 1.5 km at 4.2% and Category IV Gpm of Monte Cross (262 m) of 800 m at 5,2% repeated twice.

Access command:

1 Riccardo Lucca (Vitalcare Vega WGS) 160 km at 4:03:18 Modes 39,457 km/h

2 Francesco Bussato (General Store – Essegibi – F.lli Curia) 0:02

3 Nicolo Porrati (Friuli Cycling Team) 0:04

4 Dennis Locke (Carnival rim sass) 0:17

5 Email Verstring (Alpecin-Deceuninck Development Team) 0:24

6 David Tonati (Italy cyclocross) 0:24

7 Andrea Garrosio (Pace Carrera) 0:26

8 Ben Granger (Zappie Racing) 0:41

9 Jaka Primozic (Hrinkow Advarics Cyclelang) 0:44

10 Andrea Innocenti (Barkbury Racing) 0:50

General classification:

1 Emiel Verstrynge (Alpecin-Deceuninck development team) km 337.1 at 8:01:30 media 42.006 km/h

2 Nicolo Porrati (Friuli Cycling Team) 0:02

3 David Tonati (Italy cyclocross) 0:03

4 Matthew Zorlo (Zalf Euromobil Desiree Fior) 0:57

5 Andrea Garrosio (Pace Carrera) 01:07

6 Francesco Busatto (General Store – Essegibi – F.lli Curia) 1:14

7 Ricardo Luca (Vitalcare Vega Work Services Group) 1:15

8 Dennis Locke (Carnival rim sass) 1:30

9 Jaka Primozic (Hrinkow Advarics Cyclelang) 1:54

10 Andrea Innocenti (Barkbury Racing) 2:09


The general arrangement of the yellow moon “Pratic”: Emil Ferring (Alpecin-Deceuninck development team)

Asofrioli’s blue jersey points standings: Ricardo Luca (Vitalcare Vega Business Services Group)

EdilMeccanica’s standings for the GPM green jersey: Lorenzo Quarci (Hobla – Petrol Firenze – Don Camilo)

Rating of the red shirt of the TV “Credito Cooperativo FVG”: Christian Rocchetta (Zalf Euromobil Desiree Fior)

Bacci Automation’s U-21 White Shirt Ranking: Emil Ferring (Alpecin-Deceuninck development team)