Friuli. The final stage rewards Borati’s bravery. Tour wins Belgian lake

After four stages and 492.1 kilometres, just one second advantage was enough for the Belgian Emil Ferring (Alpecin-Deceuninck development team) to win the 58th edition of International tour of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The Friulian attempted a surprise attack Niccolo Borati (Friuli cycling team), with a final shot hundreds of meters from the finish. A work that gave him victory in the fourth and final stage, 152km from Trieste to Udine, but just one second was not enough to overtake in the general classification. (Bulgan photos).

Still an unforgettable and thrilling version down to the last meter, with an intermittent final wait for the actual breakaway verdict that made the young Belgian cyclist Verstrynge’s joy explode, and he immediately went to embrace his teammates, giving Boratti, the awareness of being one of the top talents internationally, even for stage races.

Returning to the finish line, Boratti is one second ahead of the group race (he was two seconds behind the leader in the general classification), taking second place for the Colombian Nicholas Gomez (Coleback Blanc team) and the Italian third Filippo Fortin (Malloy Pushbakers).

Departing from Porto-Vecchio in Trieste, some timid attempts at the initial stretch, but the group always runs compactly throughout the entire first hour of the race which runs until today at an impressive rate of around 50km/h.

After 68 kilometres, a squad of 8 riders formed to lead the race with Konzer (Henco), Villa (Pessi Carrera), Palomba (General Store), Vandenbolke (Paso Flanders Team), Bergna (Italy Cyclocross), Diaz (Pacqui team) Passigio (Trifugiani) and Bertazzo (Maluga pushbikers). The gap between the fugitives and the group did not exceed 50 seconds.

At km 107 the group is again integrated. Then there are still several attempts to reach, but the group is on standby. The last GPM race of the day goes to win the Sicilian Andrea Alfio Bruno (Parkpre Racing Team) who definitely makes the green jersey for the best climber in the race is his. New driving extension, after 131 km, promoted Giacomo Saligari (Vc Mendrisio) to which they were added a second Anders Foldager (Bessie Carrera), Rafael Mosca (Qhubeka Team), Seb de Klerk (Paso Flanders team), Ricardo Verza (Oint-Fior), Gorka Surarin (Team Pak) and Liam Bertazo (Maluga Pushpicks). The seven hits an advantage up to 24 seconds, then the group makes up for it.

The last to raise the white flag is the track blue Liam Bertazzo who, however, was also spotted in view of the group’s arrival from the strong return. Experience the snap shot Nicolò Buratti, who won the stage, but failed in the project to overtake Emiel Verstrynge for the top of the final general classification for the Giro in the Friuli Venezia Giulia area.


Stage winner Niccolo Borati He said: “For me it was a home race, I ran it like a champ and I think I would be very proud of what I was able to do. We knew it was very difficult to recover because Alpecin is a very organized team, but we still tried to get the rabbit out of the hat with a surprise attack in the last corner in the Piazzale Osoppo with my teammates making the hole behind me. The stage victory has arrived, but unfortunately the final goal survived by less than a second and so obviously a little regret, but on the other hand I am very happy with what I did and now I will put the next test goals”. Boratti’s next goals will be the upcoming races in Puglia with the national team before leaving for the World Cup in Australia.

Winner of the Giro della Regione FVG Emil Ferring He said: “I’m definitely very happy to get this important victory. It was a very difficult ending and I have to thank my teammates. I just thought of staying close to them who guided me in the last penalty and even if for just a second we managed to keep the yellow jersey. So this result is not Just my personal victory, but it’s a success that I have to share with all my wonderful teammates.”.

Andrea Scinni head Liberty Cerecitothe event organizing company that you coordinate with Christian MoreauI have declared: “We are very satisfied. We designed the track with such an uncertain finish to the finish, and we expected a Giro like this with an open rating to the finish. It was definitely very beautiful and great. We are very pleased to have involved us in over 60 countries and touched all four counties in our region.” I would like to thank the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, and all the departments, organizations, sponsors and volunteers who gave us such a great hand to complete another beautiful edition of our race.”

Access command:

1 Niccolo Poratti (Friuli Cycling Team) 155 km in 3:15:51 at 47,485 km/h
2 Nicholas Gomez (Team Colpac Balan) 00:01
3 Filippo Fortin (Maluga Pushbakers)
4 Alberto Protomeiso (Zalf Euromobil Desiree Fior)
5 Email Verstring (Alpecin-Deceuninck Development Team)
6 Liam Bertazo (Maluga Pushpicks)
7 David Persico (Team Coolback Balan)
8 Victor Potocki (Ljubljana Gusto Santic)
9 Federico Burchio (Vitalcare Vega Work Services Group)
10 Joshua Ibis (Carnival Rem Seys)

Final Ranking

1 Emiel Verstrynge (Alpecin-Deceuninck development team) 492.1 km at 11:17:22 media 43.589 km/h
2 Nicolo Porrati (Friuli Cycling Team) 0:01
3 David Tonati (Italy cyclocross) 0:03
4 Matthew Zorlo (Zalf Euromobil Desiree Fior) 0:57
5 Andrea Garrosio (Pace Carrera) 01:07
6 Francesco Busatto (General Store – Essegibi – F.lli Curia) 1:14
7 Ricardo Luca (Vitalcare Vega Work Services Group) 1:26
8 Dennis Locke (Carnival rim sass) 1:30
9 Jaka Primozic (Hrinkow Advarics Cyclelang) 1:54
10 Andrea Innocenti (Barkbury Racing) 2:09

Yellow jersey overall classification ‘Pratic’: Emiel Verstrynge (Alpecin-Deceuninck Development Team)
Asofrioli blue jersey classification points: Niccol Boratti (FC Friuli)
“EdilMeccanica” green jersey rating: GPM: Andrea Alfio Bruno (Parkpre Racing Team) “Credito Cooperativo FVG” red jersey rating: Christian Rocchetta (Zalf Euromobil Desiree Fior)
Classifica maglia bianca Giovani U21 “Bacci Automation”: Emiel Verstrynge (Alpecin-Deceuninck development team)
Most Combative Athlete Award: Davide Toneatti (Italian Cyclocross National)
Miglior Squad: Alpecin-Deceuninck Development Team