From school offices to Naples, fate crosses Merritt

From Friuli Venezia Giulia, Matilda Kobeti He is the new goalkeeper in Naples women. Class 97, the footballer arrived in the capital of Campania after a recent one Experience in Lugano at the Swiss WSL And many more appearances in Serie A in tavagnaku And in Siri B in Ravenna. The adventure in Naples opens the doors to the second Italian league championship again and enters it into the club’s project Return to the First Division After a bitter relegation last season.

An unusual story connecting the name Matilda Kobeti To Napoli goalkeeper Alex Merritt. Both are from Friuli Venezia Giulia, the two players were classmates and among the school offices They set their ambitions and dreams football. Today, Kobeti and Miri meet again in Naples to defend their team’s goal. A cross fate unites the jobs of two sons who grew up on a football field.

Space Napolis Had the opportunity to meet Matilda Kobeti To ask her about her feelings about the experience that awaits her in the female Naples and to tell her Friendship with Alex Merritt. “Being here for me is definitely a strong emotion, because It’s a square that feels like soccer and jersey a lot. I really like to represent this cityI’m so excited‘, These are the player’s first words to our microphones regarding her arrival at Parthenopy.

First sensations about adventure in Naples

I feel comfortable with the group and with the coach: We spent a month backtracking, where we were able to hook a lot. It was dangerous, because a month among all women is not easy (laughs), but actually We did a lot of combinations. The coach also helped us a lot with this: it is very important to him“.

Photos: Female Neapolitan, Matilda Copete

We have positive feelings about next season. We work a lot as a team, trying to understand what the coach wants from us to put into practice. We also work hard on the human side: About configure the array and go in the same direction. In my opinion, if we continue down this path, We can do very well“.

Merit and Kopetti: From Udine to Naples

Fate led two young fellows, who had grown up with a secret dream, to take the square to the same city.

It is strange to be from Udine to Naples: We start from the same school and now we play in the same city. I’m happy because We are exporting a few Friuli. Alex is a great guy and a great goalkeeper: For me I am honored to be in the same place as him. when I arrived It made me so lucky this season and I reciprocated. Hopefully there will be a way to meet again during the year“.

Naples Merit
Naples Merit (Getty Images)

We’ve had a similar path. I grew up in Tavagnaku Youth Academieswhich was the leading team of Friuli and Raised at the Udinese Youth Academy; Therefore, we played together in the youth teams of the first teams in Friuli. Then, more or less in the same years, We started with the national youth teams We shared our little dreams. Then he went to Naples and played in the Italian league with Tavagnaco“.

to me Could be good in Naples, it is no coincidence that he is in the first national team and already has several matches in the Italian Serie A. If he wasn’t able, they wouldn’t take him much into consideration. She definitely has the traits: forOr you saw the training when he was in Udine, because our fields were closeAnd the I really like his basic style and attacking the ball“.

Next season for the Naples women

Finally, the player concluded her speech by making some statements about the season in which the Napoli female is preparing to launch. “We will fight for the top spots and do well in every match and win. If we are good, we will be happy and we will be able to achieve excellent goals. It’s all in our hands, it’s up to us“.

Blue’s first match is Sunday 11 September 15:00 vs Tavagnako For the first day of group C Italian Women’s Cup.