From the fields – Ibrahim News! Thorstvedt, Piatek, Dimarco, Dzeko, Kjaer, Sottil, Beto, Milik… – SOS Fanta

Following the Italians’ commitments in Europe, Serie A will start again on Saturday with round six. At 3 pm, Napoli Spezia opened the programme, followed by Inter Torino at 18 and then Sampdoria – Milan at 20.45; Then the tour ends on Monday at 8.45pm with Empoli Roma. Here’s the news coming from the stadiums and the coaches’ press conferences, and not just the possible line-ups.

Naples Spezia

Courses ready for Spalletti in Naples. in defense, There may be rest for Kim and Mario Rui: Trample on Juan Jesus and Oliveira. In midfield, Ndombele may have a new chance for one between Anguisa and Lobotka. in the trident Without Osimene (Here are the exam results and recovery times) is the run-off between Simeone and Raspadori, with Lozano on pole over Politano on the right. Spalletti himself asserted at the conference: “Instead of Osimhen o Simeone about Raspadora, one of two. To be more precise, I have to wait for tomorrow. Both are fine.” So Spalletti responded to the penalty kick taker and Sirigu.

without green not available (Conservative Treatments for Groin Pain), At Spezia’s home, we’re moving toward confirming the Gyasi-Nzola couple at the center of the attack. Agdal also missed, confirming that Bourabia is in the control room with the untouchable s. from Mezala. In defense with Nicolau and Keiuor ready ampadooGuti also confirmed: “Tomorrow he will be available and I am confident to use him and on the defensive line.” Strelec is back, too.


Here comes Handanovic again in goal at Inter. Possible news for Inzaghi on the wings: Darmian and Demarco at the pole on Dumfries and Gosens respectively. in the attack Dzeko over from Korea With Lautaro, there are three shirts versus two shirts. Unless there are surprises, De Vrij in the center of defense and Barilla’s midfield trio will also return to the field from 1′.

Schuurs and Singo are availableBarrow (Rep. Juric) said at a press conference today. The defender plays in a Bonjorno shirt, outside instead with Lazaro: the ballot papers are very open. The good news (even for Fanta) is that it’s available anyway. Snapper on the column On Pellegri in the attack, behind Vlasic and Radunjic. Linetti is back in the middle with Lukic.

Sampdoria AC Milan

“Ferrari and Murillo are recovering, Collie does not recoverGiampaolo said at the conference. The alternative to the first two is Amione in the center of the defense. O Leris o Gabbiadini on the right, O Djuricic o Verre on the left With Sabiri behind the first striker Kabuto. Ready on the bench Quagliarella“He had a problem yesterday, but he has recovered,” said Giampaolo, who was available. Get out instead of winks.

The shifts are ready for Pioli in Milan, from defense to attack. behind her Ready as a place KaluluWith Calabria and Theo as full backs. Bennacer’s potential comfort turn on average: space in Pobega with Tonali. On trocars, Diaz, or De Ketelaere (a little favourite), open the ballot (Bewley talks about it like that) to work from behind origi. So Pioli on Divock: “Could he be the owner? I think it’s because he’s better and has time and continuity to train. He needs to play.” The relay race will be with the Giro, ready to take over from the running race. Rebek is still not available.

Atalanta Cremonese

Luis Morell is back on the set, but Gasperini is ready to confirm Hoglund At the center of the Atalanta attack. It would be a 4-2-3-1 or 3-4-1-2, a questionable form of the challenge. Lookman toward confirmation, with Ederson and Pasalic playing the jersey; Malinovsky Stand if the unit will be with the four defenders, otherwise there will be space for one more defender (Okoli). on gangs Hateboer and Soppy on the Pole In Zappacosta, Maehle returns. De Rohn and Coupmainers confirmed in the broker.

Scalpitano I New arrivals Hendry and Mighty At the Cremonese Stadium: They are in the replay, first in defense with Aiwu and second in midfield with Escalante. Emphasis on Chiriches and Lochoshvili in the back, for Pickel in the middle. On the wings, Giglione and Valerie are ready to attack Coppia Dessers-Okereke.

Bologna Fiorentina

Waiting for news of Thiago Motta’s squad, the usual 3-5-2 in Bologna is ready. Soumaoro is missing in defense, or Posch or Bonifazi from 1′ is in place. In the midfield, except for surprises, Dominguez, Scotten and Soriano will meet again De Silvestri of Lykogianni at the Pole on gangs. At the risk of Samson, discontinued due to muscle aches during the week: Orsolini is a favorite over Zirkzee and Barrow To support Arnautovic.

The alternations between Serie A and Europe continue in Fiorentina. Either Venuti or Dodo on the right, with Quarta, Igor and Biraghi in defense (Milinkovic is absent due to injury). In the midfield is Amrabat in the control room, with Barak and one between El Maleh and Bonaventura. in the trident Sutil is back On the left, with Jovic as the front striker and Kwame or Ikone on the right. Try to catch the seat GonzalezStill suffer from heels.

Lychee Monza

The band is in doubt For Lecce-Monza: the upcoming training sessions will be decisive (until today he has been working separately, he is trying to recover in extreme cases). Without Strefezza’s injury, Baroni Oudin experimented with Ceesay (a favorite over Colombo) and Di Francesco in the offensive trident. In defense Gendrey, Pongracic (or Tuia), Baschirotto e One between Pezzella and Gallo to the left.

In three to two shirts in the attack, where Mota chasing Betania and Caprari. All open, Stroppa has not yet decided. Sensi ready, Rovella and Pesina in the middle, with Berndelli and Carlos Augusto on the wings. in defense Possible 1′ Chance for Izzo, who plays in the jersey for Calderola. Di Gregorio is still up front in Cragno in goal.

Sassuolo Odense

Confirmation ready to ship the Trident to Dionysi at the home of Sassuolo. Without Berardi and Defrel, ready Laurent On the right, with Kyriakopoulos on the left and Pinamonte as the first striker. Recupera Thorstvedt In the midfield, the shirt plays with Mateus Henrique along with Maxime Lopez and Frattisi. Quad defense with Tolgan, Ehrlich, Ferrari and Ruggiero. This is how Dionissi spoke of the singles at the conference: “Thorstvedt had a problem with Cremonese and due to the blunt trauma he rested for two days but he will be available. So far he is available, he has trained with the team. Ceide comes from a small muscle problem, nothing special. It is possible that he is available” .

All about Pereira In Udine, he will be outside on the right (with Lovrich or Samardzic in the center) or Mizzala (with Eusebo on the right) depending on Sutil’s choices. in the attack Beto on the pole of successBy Deulofeu the other shirt. Udogie the outcast on the left flank. Triple defense with Becao, Ebosse (or Nuytinck) and Perez from the start.

Lazio Verona

Pedro’s doubtThe Spaniard skipped a post-European League dump session today due to the usual ankle issues and his league loss is taking shape. For the rest, the honorary players returned to Lazio after the sessions: Lazzari, Patrick, Romagnoli and Maruzic in defence, with Vecino, Luis Alberto or Pesek from the left midfielder. Non-stop CataldiIt’s up to Marcos Antonio in the control room. The usual trident in the attack.

Confidence to return from 1′ of Pharaohs At home, Verona on the right wing: Terracciano’s favorite is Terracciano. Lazovic He will play, to understand whether he is behind Lasagna and Henry (with Doig on the left) or on the left, with an additional midfielder. Tameze, Veloso, Ilic and Hongla play two or three shirts depending on the format. A possible entry to the race is in progress for Verdi, in search of the best physical condition. Cioffi himself revealed that they are all available: “Dawidowicz and Piccoli have recoveredWith Lazio, I will save everyone. It’s good to be able to choose.”

Juventus Salernitana

Juventus’ dilemma for Allegri: either 3-5-2, 4-3-3 or 4-4-2. Here again in the fore Vlahovic From 1′ after the exclusion of Florence. Either with Ken or with Melek, open ballot. Everyone is wide open in defense: possible rest time for Danilo, with Bonucci, Bremer, Gatti and Rogani playing two or three shirts depending on the format. on the right, De Sciglio or Cuadrado on the left, or Kostic or Alex Sandro instead. Everyone is wide open, and Allegri has not yet found the new Juventus arena. Still proof of Di Mariaas well as Pogba and Kizza.

David Nicholas thinks Piatek 1′ song In Salernitana: he is the favorite for Bonazoli, and the other shirt in attack is from Dia. Emphasis looms in the midfield trio still without Bohinen, with Candreva and Mazucci on the wings. in defense Possible grandmother is Daniliuc For Gumber, assertions by Fazio and Brune. Ribery is not always available.

Empoli Rome

Without destroying and guiding meboth injured, we are heading towards confirming the Satriano Lammers duo in the Empoli attack. About Bajaca About Eid On trocars, there is an open ballot between the two with the former being slightly preferred. Zanetti’s control room also doubted: Grassi is ahead of Marin, with Haas, Bandinelli and Henderson playing in two jerseys (the top candidate).

After the Europa League knockout, Mourinho is considering changes: on average Camara e-Bov Insidiano MaticWhich can take your breath away. Expected yield of 1′ of lbrahim In the center of the attack, the shoulder contusion is overcome. With Pellegrini and Dybala backing up, Karsdorp and Spinazzola are back on the sides from the start. Unusual for the three defenders in the absence of Kumbula. It’s getting better and better Zaniolo: He removed the brace and resumed working alone on the field, trying to get back into the team at its fullest. Extreme caution, no one wants to take a risk anyway: it won’t be decided until in the next few days (Roma plays on Monday). If you want to publish it in Fanta, you must have a very safe reserve for it to avoid playing in 10.