Genoa-Modena live match 1-0 final

90 + 6 degrees The first win of the season against Ferrari for Genoa from struggling Plessin, he did not find the blow that shocked Modena but won by an already heavy three points. Stay on throughout the post-match: Alessandro Legnazzi welcomes you and wishes you a good Saturday evening

90 + 6 degrees Finished: Genoa – Modena 1-0

90 + 6 degrees Genoa didn’t close it this time thanks to Gagno who veered off the Aramu lane for a corner

90 + 5 degrees How important is Strootman: Yeboah hands the ball to him and Lily stops her from Panada’s attacks. The ball is in the bank

90 + 4 degrees Coda steals the ball from Citadines, from the baseline looking for Yeboah but Gagno is out

90 degrees I was given five minutes of injury time

90 degrees warning Citizens

90 degrees On the right wing, Aramu in favor of Strootman who puts a tachymeter ball on Coda’s chest: a shot from the rossoblù striker and a superb tackle from Gagno. offside position whistling

85 degrees Out Armelino Enters tremolada

85 degrees Out Badelge, M.; Enters Elsanker, S.;

85 degrees Out Portanova, M.; Enters Strutmann, K.;

83 degrees Portanova collapses to the ground due to convulsions: he’s been asking for change for at least four minutes

82 degrees Valcinelli disturbs Genoa’s build from below and snatches the ball off Badelge, but is slow to kick.

79 degrees Out Diao Enters Bonfante

79 degrees Out Gargolu Enters panada

79 degrees warning Oukhadda

76 degrees warning Dragosin, R.; Irregular mass on Romeo Giovannini of Savona

75 degrees Turn of Silvestri, the ball ends on the side: Martinez started a split second late

73 degreesOut Yalcin, c. Enters Yeboah, K.;

73 degrees Out Fogliko, A.; Enters Bunny, M.;

71 degrees Vogliacco’s muscle problem had to leave the field

70 degrees Valcinelli reaches out and hits Bajak with at least a blunder as Zoverly flies over: Strangely enough, Modena’s seat explodes with rage.

63 degrees Oukhadda jumps Pajac, penetrates from the right as he puts a dangerous ball in the center so that Dragosin, after a Roman under-21 call, intercepted it cheering as if he had scored

59 degrees Out Jagello, F.; Enters Aramo, M.; The Pole wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about the change

58 degrees Pajac Stake! He left from a distance and the third wood of the season for Griveaux

54 degrees Badele picks up the ball on the trocar and tries to keep Gagno, but the Modena goalkeeper is faster than the Croatian and takes possession of him.

52 degrees Action prepared by Modena, Diao frees the ball for Falcinelli, whose shot in the middle is easy for Martinez

48 degrees Taser Modena changes, now with two real attackers: a more offensive team

46 degrees Out Musti Enters Giovannini

46 degrees Out Marsura Enters valcinelli

17:23 Beginning of the second half of Genoa-Modena

45 + 2 degrees The tiebreaker: Genoa – Modena 1-0

45 + 2 degrees warning Silvestri. Do it on Portanova who fired on counterattack

45 degrees Two minutes of recovery

44 degrees Jules Jagello, F. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! JAGIELLOOOO! Genoa Open the game! A quick movement that begins with Coda, passes from Portanova’s unmarked heel to Jagello who searches this time and finds the corner to the right of Gagno

41 degrees warning Diao. The attacker blatantly sends Zufferli to that country after a foul on Dragosin

30 degrees Yalcin opens for Jagiello trying to put the dribble in from a good position, a very smothered shot

29 degrees Genoa responded with a Yalcin shot, Gagno locked his foot at the near post

27 degrees Flash Diao, Dragosin’s leg cross: Zoverli points to the penalty but Genoa saved because the Modena striker started offside

18 degrees Another Bacak cross, this time in the far post, Azi blocks a corner: Portanova does not attack the ball but is waiting for it

14 degrees Ball goal also for Modena: A burning Diaw advances Pajac jumps, puts poorly in defense, and tries to finish the match. Martinez saves Genoa by shooting with his right arm

13 degrees Portanova penetrates to the left of center, Koda kicks a ball with his back into the goal he can’t sort to push his teammates

9 degrees warning Gargolo. A severe blow to Jagiello in an air duel

8 degrees Genoa first goal ball: Pajac’s sweet but prettiest deep run is Portanova’s dominance in the race, true, but the score is high over the bar

5 degrees Dragosin tries the right throw, the solution is short but Coda manages to make the tower: Yalcin can’t believe it and the ball slips into the layup

4:16 p.m. All ready, let’s go: have fun!

A minute of meditation for the flood victims in the Marche

Genoa employees were present at the Ferraris: Joshua Wander, President Alberto Zangrillo, Andres Blazquez, Johannes Spors and Marco Ottolini

Good evening to all readers of Rossobl at and welcome to the live match Genoa-Modena, day 6 of Serie B: the most cordial greeting comes from Alessandro Legnazzi. Mr. Plessin changes shape and goes to 4-2-3-1: the trident is more quantitatively behind Coda with Jagiello, Portanova and Yalcin. Mr. Taiser with 4-3-2-1, Valcinelli off the bench.