Genoa, to Favorita to reveal the mask of Mansour Palermo

Coda hugs Frendrup (Photo by Genoa CFC Tanopress)

The unveiling of Palermo and the unveiling five days later of the values ​​of the newly promoted and exaggerated Second Division is the task that awaits the veteran Genoa warrior From 3 to 3 with ParmaAnd the Cover match for the Interns Championship. The Sicilian team is more credited with the media echo of the arrival of Mansour’s men in Italy, a family that claims there are eleven other footballing kings around the world, rather than from the actual quality available to Corini, the upcoming though prepared coach. . The summer transfer market has revolutionized Palermo, also due to the necessary adaptation of the category, to the extent that nine new players took to the field in Reggio Calabria compared to last year’s eleven in Serie A, more than double the four unpublished faces. Saturday as coach Pleasin: A deep upset in men, in balance and also in form for Rosanero who now defines himself at 4-3-3.

The balance of power speaks in favor of Genoa who collected eight points in four days in a difficult part of the calendar, if not the worst among the top ten clubs in the standings. Pleasin was not happy after Pisa (“it was difficult to win at Garibaldi but we suffered a lot”) and the performance against Parma got to the point, as he didn’t particularly like the three goals conceded by the hosts, which arose not only through the chance of two drifts but also From the wrong position that a dense team like the Duke stands out more than other ruthless competitors. “We have to go fast, I don’t like the word calm because it’s the equivalent of slowing down: I tell my players in every training session” a week ago, explained the Swabian coach who wants to see a team with fewer empty ones. Passes and more lead the game in Favorita.

It will be up to Blissin to understand how to replace the starting Gudmundsson and assess a potential three-man midfield with two forwards, considering that Genoa seem to have absorbed some of the dictates in the possession phase as higher defenders in the 4-4-2 offensive drop. and stiff bends that “tug” into the playing field to support the limbs. Aramu is an inventive and excellent player who can make a difference even if he’s not in the best shape it seems, especially when the team’s pace drops (which makes Griffin weak) and the need to find more characteristics from his dribbling increases. The quality and personality that can also be traced back to Strootman who, by simply taking off his apron and revealing his red and blue number eight jersey to the crowd, sent Ferraris into ecstasy, which was too bad for just a warm-up. Two more weapons to reveal the Palermo mask and return to victory.