Giro del Friuli 2022, everything is on the way: we start with a team time trial

Screenshot from the latest version. Giro del Friuli 2022 exhibition ends today (Photo: Bolgan)

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The magnificent location of the Colloredo di Monte Albano (UD), the headquarters of the Friuli Hills community, hosted the official presentation of the 58th Giro del Friuli last weekend.

The important international cycling event is scheduled for the Elite and U-23 category From Thursday 1 to Sunday 4 September 2022 On the roads of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Initially, they will present some of the best talent in the cycling world in the elite and under-23 category representing 30 teams.

The tracks have already been announced in recent weeks: four stages designed by Danilo Moretozo, to include all four provinces in Fvg. The first stage will propose a team time trial of 20 kilometers with start and finish in Lavariano di Mortegliano. The second stage will start on Friday 2 September from Fagagna and will reach Colloredo di Monte Albano, with 157 kilometers of ascent and descent in the hilly area. From Pavia di Udine, in the Cossiv region, the Queen’s stage will begin on Saturday 3 September, with access to the Morro sanctuary, in Monte Zoncolan, and a climb from the Sotrio side, after also dealing with the Sella Falcalda. Sunday, the final stage, with the classic Trieste – Udine, 152 kilometres, is expected in the morning with a race dedicated to regional students, organized by Assi Friuli.

Also available in the room Daniel Bontoni, the technical commissioner of the Italian cyclocross team who announced that his blue team will be at the start of the Friulian stage race, as well as to improve its preparations for the 2022/23 off-road season. In the national selection, there will also be two Friulian athletes: two Bujesi David Tonati e Tommaso Bergna.

Also in the race Friuli cycling teamwho, on his home roads, would surely aim for some staged victories and why not? Niccolo Borati and croatian Fran Miholjevic.

But the competition will be at a high level with 30 teams who will line up at the start, some of the best in the world, below the full roster.

The stages of the Giro del Friuli

1/a tapa | 09/01/2022 | Lavariano (UD) – Lavariano (UD) | 20.1 km – TTT

2 / stage | 09/02/2022 | Fagagna (UD) – Colorado DMT Albano (UD) | km 157

3 / stage | 09/03/2022 | Pavia de Udine – Cosef (UD) – Sutrio loc. Zonkolan (UD) | 160 km

4 / stage | 09/04/2022 | Trieste (TS) – Udine (UD) | 152 km

the difference

1 – Hrencko Advariks (Austria)

2 – Pace Carrera (Italy)

3 – Colpack Blanc (Italy)

4. Tyrol KTM Cycling Team (Austria)

5. Pro-Concrete Furniture Rental (Slovenia)

6. Team Qhubeka (South Africa)

7 – Carnevale Rim Seys (Italy)

8. Friuli Cycling Team (Italy)

9 – Velo Club Mendrisio Immoprogram (Switzerland)

10 – Ljubljana Gusto Santic (Slovenia)

11. Cycling Sheffield (Ingleterra)

12. General Store – Essegibi – F.lli Curia (Italy)

13. Le Tim Flanders (Belgium)

14. AR Monex Pro Cycling Team (San Marino)

15 – Salv Euromobile Desiree Fiore (Italy)

16 – Hobla Petroleum Florence Don Camilo (Italy)

17. Italian National Cyclocross (Italy)

18 – Team Baki Cycling (Spain)

19 – Alpsin – Dekoninc (Belgium)

20. Vitalcare Dinatek Labor Service (Italy)

21- Emilia Romagna (Italy)

22- WSA KTM Graz P7B Leomo (Austria)

23. EF Education Nippo (USA)

24. Parkpre Racing Team (Italy)

25- Uc Trevigiani – Energiapura-Marchiol (Italy)

26- Adria Mobil (Slovenia)

27. Zappi Racing Team (Great Britain)

28 – KK Kranj (Slovenia)

29 – Giaplast Pepanese (Italy)

30- Maluga Pushpicks (Germany)