Gonto and the hypocrisy of Italian football: in six months from a new national hero to a forgotten (despite the reasonable price)

On a communicative level, perhapsItalia The last few years will be a rather boring case study. The charts are actually quite recurs: The explosion of a specific topic becomes topic of the hour For a fairly short time, with all that ensues Demonstrations attempt, Prepare etc., and then gradually decreases until it ends up amnesia. Let’s go back to last March 24, for example: Italy lost to Macedonia He did not qualify for the World Cup for the second time in a row. away with youngsters and nurseries in all kinds of sauces, from B teams to block for foreigners To the most extravagant ideas to re-polish the Italian football movement and return to the production of champions. Far from complimentingItaly youthThis coach Mancini starts in the ‘Grand Final’ againstArgentina And for the League of Nations: with a semi-unknown Wilfried Gonto From Verbania who became the man of the moment after the four matches he played, with assists and goals. 18 years old, the son of immigrants from Côte d’Ivoire and matured in the High School of Sports Sciences, young Junonto almost became an icon of New Italy Or more who desperately need to find one.

New from the track in the Inter youth teams, the good Wilfried would have preferred Swiss Hoping to end up in C or D to play, and in Zurich In fact, Mancini had caught him by summoning him the National. And down, related to the theme of Gnonto direction, the rage of a football Who doesn’t believe in their youth by making them end up on the sidelines of football instead of giving them chances. then The League of Nations It’s over, the players went on vacation, and Draghi government And the theme of “Youth” ended up in limbo, with Gnonto. Wilfred finished al Leedsin England, however, in the last hours of the market and certainly not after the auction: they paid €4.5 million, a figure that certainly does not. insurmountable for the very poor (compared to leadingSerie A club: will compete with Premier Gnonto, while competing with Ligue 1 Mattia VitiIt was purchased for 15 million euros from cute – goodwhere he plays at the age of twenty.

He also played in Switzerland Sebastian EspositoFW and other products from Nerazzurri Nursery, expired at intrepid before and now inAnderlecht in Belgium. And another young striker who left Italy abroad is Lorenzo Luca: After an excellent season in the second division of Pisa was bought byAjaxIt’s usually a show for young players who end up at top-flight clubs. Other characters, but the same fate Gianluca scam: Perhaps the most promising producer among the Italian youth who played in the Italian league, he ended up at West Ham for 40 million. Try Napoli instead: 35 million for Raspadori, always from Sassuolo like Scamaca. a lot of money? too much? A little bit? We’ll see, in the meantime, with raspaduri In the stage of acclimatization is Georgian Kvaratskhelia, the 21-year-old, who makes her star shine in the land of Naples. Budget needs, unmissable deals, a bit of guts? Can. In the meantime, the impact of Gnonto in a difficult league like the Premier must be assessed (Scacca isn’t much at the moment): then we’ll see if those 4.5 million are things the Italian clubs eat their hands and if Mancini He will be able to rub it … Or if he is going to try to naturalize Kvaratskhelia, which is already a rather verbal process prohibition.