Granfondo del Dragon, The Great Tricolor Party

Departing at 7.30am from the central Piazza dei Martiri that hosted the most beautiful stage of the Giro d’Italia on May 28, immediately, American Fortunato Ferrara took the lead in the group and won the first two major mountain trophies (Vena d’Oro and Spirit/Santana) with an advantage of 2′. Behind him they decide to organize themselves and manage to slowly return with Maute, Seni, Seni, Provera, and join him on the Tampere descent. Then the team moves together towards Valmorell, they study each other along the slope and are joined by Tommaso Eletrico and Francesco Bongiorno. The difficulty (due to the slopes) and the technical descent of Valmorell so dear to Pozzati make the difference, which resulted in Romagna Ceni dropping out of the group and reaching the finish line after Ronci alone with a 47-inch advantage over Roman Rossano Maute (Cicli Rossi) and Marco Provera (Mg K Vis, from Verbania). It closes 117 km with a height increase of 2500 m at 3 x 34’34 inches with an average of 33 km/h.

The women’s competition was very tough from the start with the trio formed by Sarah Mazurana of Terni (Singolani), Martina Treviziol of Padua (Asnaghi) and Michela Bergosa of Vicenza (Scatenate). The challenge was resolved for the first time with a race – albeit a daunting one – and Mazurana’s victory with a kick in the kidney over Treviziol, who dominated all climbs in an attempt to separate the two opponents from his wheel, and third Bergosa. For them 4h01’56” competition.

The event was promoted in full marks by cyclists who really loved the route, albeit challenging, with climbs (Vena d’Oro, Spert, Sant’Anna, Valmorel and Ronce) impressed by the stunning views and descents marked at dangerous points. Along the roads in Albago, many people cheer, giving enthusiasm and energy to the cyclists in the race.

“Granfondo del Dragone, Regulatory Security with Asd Dolomiti Psg – commented Andrea Capelli, Head of the FCI National Amateur Structure – The Granfondo Italian 2022 Championship has been archived with excellent participation, and we are delighted that participants have flocked to Belluno for a new event that has grown in two years. The event continues with better results over the next season. As always, the Tricolori trials have proven to be of the highest standard, and we are pleased that the athletes have arrived from all over Italy and this gives value to the activity being carried out and hopefully will also be able to satisfy the organization and the local community” .

“The municipality of Belluno thanks the organization that highlighted our wonderful Nevegal, this event was also rewarded with the weather that gave a sunny day, we are happy to see so many people and they are all very passionate, live the sport,” said Monica, Mazzucoli Sports Adviser of Belluno Municipality.

Gimmy Dal Farra said on behalf of the Alpe del Nevegàl community who goes to the organization’s gratitude for the cooperation.

“An amazing balance from the point of view of the weather, with the sun allowing the participants to ride in the best conditions and enjoy the territory of Belluno, Alpago and Nevegàl – commented Ivan Biol, general manager of the event at Asd Dolomiti PSg – we are also satisfied with participation, the numbers have tripled with More than 600 subscribers and 80% of the subscribers came from all over Italy. We gave away the tricolor jerseys and they couldn’t ask for more for a young event, in its second edition, with amazing access to a wonderful place called Nevegàl”.

Here is the general classification link:

The National Advisor of the Serena Danisi Federation was also present to award the jerseys of the Italian champions: “I came on behalf of the president who was busy in another event, to bring greetings of the Federation and thanks for welcoming the Italian Championship. Granfondo. We have put in the hands of excellent organizers led by Ivan Buell an event very important for us ” .

These are the new Italian champions at Grandfondo 2022:

Elite Master: Rossano Maute (Team Ap07 -Cicli Rossi)

Master 1: Marco Provera (Vivo – Mg KVis-Dal Colle)

Master 2: Tommaso Elettrico (System Cars – Codel)

Master 3: Alessandro Bianchin (Spezzotto Bike Team)

Master 4: Stefan Unterturner (Braucafe)

Master 5: Wladimiro D’Ascenzo (hair fair cycling team)

Master 6: Mario Pazzanella (Browcafe)

Master 7: Giorgio Chiarini (Flanders Love)

Master 8: Ivano Soliti (Flanders Love)

Elite Lady: Martina Treviziol (Team Asnaghi)

Lady Masters 2: Sarah Balverde (Burmese)

Lady 3: Michela Giuseppina Bergosa (Unleashed)