Great rugby returns to Marassi: Italy challenges South Africa

Marzio Innocenti (rugby union photo)

Marzio Innocenti, president of the rugby union for a year and a half, will return to the 34 berths on November 19 after leading the national team as captain against a team that no longer exists, the Soviet Union.

Genoa – «A great date for the city, for rugby, for the memory of one of our heroes». In front of the Tursi Palace, Federugby chief Marzio Innocenti, a beautiful halo of very white hair, Traces what will happen in Genoa on November 18 and 19: Italy against the South African world champions in Ferraris on Marco’s Day – translated, Bollesan Day – preceded, on Friday, by an idea by Marco Rivaro, the only Italian and Genoa to have Varsity played a match against Oxford twice : in Carlini Bolsan, Cambridge, which celebrates the 150th anniversary of its Oval, against the torpedoes of Liguria (choice of Cus and Recco and youthful promises of blue rugby), of one triangle between those who rugby calls the language old and big but always involved in love, and of a group of veterans And the families that Enrico Mantovani, head of the regional committee, expects are vast.

Innocenti, chief for a year and a half, He will return to Marassi after 34 years of leading the national team As a captain in front of a team that no longer exists, the Soviet Union: “I scored the goal for us but Mironov’s Ukrainian talent, over time, shattered our hopes.” The coach of the national team was Marco Bolsan, who flew in April last year. Innocenti sheds tears at the Bokadasi Church overlooking the sea.
Livornese transplanted into Veneto, the doctor, Innocenti does not stifle what he feels inside: “I happen to envy football, with a passion for its cheer. Sometimes the rugby crowd is silent.

Against South Africa, I would like the stadium to be full and a wave of affection. The one and the other can be damned useful when faced with a difficult task.”
He doesn’t say impossible because once, six years ago, in Florence, Italy challenged the Springboks scalp and because – he continues – “This fall we want two victories (the first for South Africa in Genoa, Samoa in Padua and Australia in Florence) and if there are three, that’s even better.” much.”
The chief has a vacillating, sometimes resolute look, sometimes lost in his generous, almost poetic vision: “I believe in growth, especially in growing a game that has often not been a champion in recent years. The Under-20s, who have won six of their last nine matches and have beaten England twice, represent the future. No, I have no illusions: Italy will continue to ride the rollercoaster that has made it leap from glory to frustration. The win in Cardiff over Wales, the loss against Georgia in Bathumi: It will happen again but step by step the scenario will change.” In a year, the World Cup in France: the group stage against the hosts and New Zealand leaves no chance. “The World Cup for emerging Italy is the 2027 World Cup. Next year the goal will be to beat Namibia and Uruguay, to earn a place without going through the qualifiers. And plant a miracle to materialize against those who today seem unbeatable.”

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