Growing idea of ​​doing it yourself

Overall, Milan won the derby by doing what Inter didn’t do in February: being stronger. That’s the truth, because the Rossoneri were able to withstand the impact of Dzeko 3-2 and did so as a great team, which despite stretching far between divisions, was able to reset, press and find the right lines to bring in a derby that represented a clear difference between the two teams. Because Milan has players who can raise the level of performance and they have the strongest goalkeeper in the league and among the best players in the world. This is also a difference, because Maignan flies on Calhanoglu (nice help for Tonali, Hakan) and smanaccia decisively on Lautaro.

Then there is him, the alien Raphael. A player who, when he enters the field like yesterday, destroys everything and everyone. Skriniar understood nothing and Milan were very good at breaking the protective covers, taking a lesson from Inzaghi who put Barilla on Theo and Dumfries on Leao, but when Hernandez greeted the Inter midfielder, Dumfries followed suit, unveiling the squad and leaving Skriniar alone with Leao. Inter suicide is the cornerstone of the match for the Rossoneri, who beat their opponents to the point of hurting them badly. It is no coincidence that the three goals came from there. So, Rafael’s second goal is to enter the history of the Milan derby. All under the watchful eye of Jerry Cardinale, who made his debut as Milan owner with the most famous win. Now, however, you can renew his contract with an offer corresponding to the value of this player, who has reached the highest levels in the world.

Oops, he didn’t…again! Giroud turned again and did so again under Southern command, with the goal of bringing down the San Siro and giving the French more immortality to the Rossoneri. These games are almost never wrong.

Charles de Kettlery played a good derby match. It is true that he does not follow Brozovic on the Inter goal, but then he drives the Croatian crazy. It is a gem that must be protected and preserved. It is fair to say when he is wrong, but the complexity of the test encourages someone who has everything to decide such games.

Yesterday Jerry Cardinale was in Milanello for the first time. He met the Pioli team and spent time with Paolo Maldini, Ricky Massara, Ivan Gazidis, Gordon Singer and Giorgio Forlani. Milan’s new owner, who does not want the spotlight on himself, has a clear idea of ​​the program of work he will have to do to raise the level of the Rossoneri. The dialogue that took place in a pre-match derby match with Scaroni where there was talk of ‘takeovers’ likely connected to the pitch, was a member of Cardinale’s and Redbird’s side who, in their strategic plan, wanted a modern system of their own. . That is why in the fall, at the end of the public debate on the San Siro, there may be some important news from Milan on the subject of the stadium. to do it yourself.