Gymnastics: Raffaeli poker d’oro, queen at the World Championships – Sports

Sofia Raffaele confirms that she is the strongest gymnast in the world currently circulating and has also won the full competition at the Sofia World Championships. This is the fourth success of the Marche region in Fiam Oro who today – who dominated the level of 133,250 – also got the entry ticket to the 2024 Olympics in Paris, ahead of Germany’s Darga Varvolomiev, second with 132,450 points, and Bulgarian Stiliana. Nikolova, 3rd place with a score of 128,800. Never before today at Armeec Arena had Blue won the overall title in the World Championships, Raffaeli succeeded, thus entering the Blue Sports legend at the age of 18. Sofia concludes this World Championship with a trophy of sheer prestige, worthy of a champion from above International level, consisting of four gold and one bronze. Italy certainly wasn’t used to such numbers in gymnastics. To complete an exciting day for the Italian colors, the fifth place was completed by Melina Baldasari, who got an excellent 124.900, a little more than a tenth of the fourth place, occupied by the Ukrainian Viktoria Onobrezhenko. Schoolgirl Giulietta Cantalupe was favored on the eve of the day because it must be said that both Israeli Daria Atamanov and Bulgarian Boriana Klein, respectively gold and European silver, were absent due to physical problems, but in any case were already defeated by Raffaelli during the season. In the playoffs, the young player from Marche, already the world champion in the circle, in the ball and in the tape, immediately established the rule of law of the strongest. In the last attempt, she outdone herself, falling to an astonishing 133,250 and eliminating the ambitions of opponents, first of all the German Varfolomeev, who was at the front on the eve of the last course. Italy enjoys qualification for Paris 2024, a nominal pass: it will be Emanuela Macarani who decides which athlete to entrust. For the other ticket, we first have to face the stumbling block in next year’s World Cup. This year, Raffaele, who was not called up in Tokyo last year, won the all-around World Cup, but caught up with the European Championship, stopping off in fourth place. “I dedicate this world title to Marche, my land and all the families who are suffering at the moment, but also to my coaches, Federgymnastics, the State Police and my family. I was hoping to win, but not too much.” These are the words, after the ceremony for the fourth gold medal at the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Sofia, by Sofia Raffaele of Marche. “I am not satisfied – she adds -, I could have done a lot, much better: today I could not do the things that I can and can do, and I will try to improve myself more. I always want perfection and I am only happy when I know I have done everything. Olympic Games Right now I don’t think about it, I just try to do everything I can. Today is my name day, my name is Sofia, I celebrate it in Sofia with the world gone around my neck.”