“Heart? A game that you and ADL love, everyone plays here!” Then a quarrel with a reporter …

Napoli’s victory in its last breath over Spezia with the first Raspadori goal in blue. Coming soon to the press conference before Luciano SpallettiReferee Santoro said: “The dismissal? I have protested many times for opponents insisting on mistakes, when you go into development and you are dropped to put the team back in place. It has happened so many times and I protested about it. He couldn’t have done more than just made a mistake, but in some Attitudes he could have been given a yellow card. After our goal they came to protest the injury time, I pointed it out very clearly. I didn’t insult anyone, I just said ‘Now do you need to recover with all the times you’ve done that?’.

Today is a big encouragement from Maradona

“The passion for these colors that they always carry, they come to take home. This is great for those who play in Naples, in other parts it is not and that makes us happy”.

On the difficulty of finding a winning goal “We had many chances. Lozano had some chances, but Kafara made two too. More than that, it became difficult to do, it took stubbornness to try to finish. These positions were rewarded, the victory is deserved even if I have to congratulate Guti on how to prepare for the race.

About choosing Raspadori instead of Simeone from the first minute “Simeone, how many minutes has he played? Half an hour is enough to show the enthusiasm you’ve accumulated one more time. In fact, it was probably the perfect situation in the final for him. With this side-to-side dribbling, they would have lost in measurement and there was no need for the body.”

Simeone was released first, then Raspaduri Attackers live on targets, so they are very important. Raspadori was very good, because that ball wasn’t easy and he could just steer there. When he entered Simeone made some right cuts, creating advantageous situations.”

On the young admirer welcomed Antoine in Castel Volturno

“It was a great moment, because football is for children. He had negative feelings in Florence, I don’t know what happened. But we must remember that football is for children.”

On the selection of rotation several men

“In this little game, you’re trapped on your own. Aurelio De Laurentiis allows him including to do those things you can’t stand. Today Gaetano gave us a hand when he came in. Everyone should play, they should rest. Anguissa seemed to you. Same like The other night? Does it look the same? In the second half, Lobotka fresco did a great job. It works that way, everyone will play. On the right, who is the owner? And Politano. If Lozano does the “laps” when he comes in, it makes a difference If you’re good, you’re good in the 30 minutes you play. It’s not that what you don’t play should always be your best moment. I didn’t train, I would have won those championships there for sure.”

Then Spalletti quarrels with a journalist “When am I going to say I quarreled with the whole locker room? You have to tell me, I found a client uncomfortable. She’s been talking about me for a year and a half, never showing up and then talking about me.”

About Elmas and Zelensky “It’s hard not to take into account the quality of Zelensky, last year he played sub-par matches. I slayed him last year, I think he can become a big player, but he decides. This year he is performing. With quality, Elmas is the one who weighs him down with the fact that he He always plays part-time. He’s a more attacking midfielder than Zielinski, perhaps balancing out the fact that he plays with less continuity. And when he finds a professional balance, he’ll do great things, they are more players than we have and we can give us the chance to beat Spezia.”

Protests against Spezia’s sentence for leaving Merit “It’s not a penalty for Merritt, he’s just touching his cleat with the tip of his glove. That’s not even Regino…”

18.07 – The Luciano Spalletti Conference ends