“Here are Feyenoord’s weaknesses and virtues.”

For the sixth year in a row Lazio He will have the opportunity to express his opinion on EuropaFace opponents of a completely different level and quality of football. And so, on Thursday, September 8, the biancocelesti will begin to appear for the first time European League against the Feyenoord All’Olympic. The race is set for 9pm, and there are expectations and curiosity as to how the Eagles will handle the challenge and competition in general. There are many forecasts created alike on the business I will see And above all, on his children in connection with the reinforcements that arrived during the summer market. Exclusive to our microphones, the former football player and current attorney general spoke about it Marco de Marchi.

What race are you expecting?

“I’m expecting a public match. Between two teams playing purposeful football. So, I hope it’s fun and everyone has fun”

What do you think of the strengths and weaknesses of Feyenoord?

“Fyenoord has changed a lot this year, selling great pieces that are hard to replace, at least in the short term. Despite this, they started strong in the tournament, winning four matches and drawing one, and finishing second in the standings behind Ajax. Let’s say they can Finding strength in the DNA of the Dutch team usually dedicated to the attack, and at the same time, the same DNA can show the weakness of the team that can remain exposed in the counterattack stage of the opponent … Teams The Dutch usually do not stop playing even in the difficult stages you present The game and they don’t give up until the last second, that’s why Lazio must remain focused from the first moment to the last minute.”

Having played in the Eredivisie and thus knowing the league, what is the current level of the teams?

The level is generally good but the top four powers (Ajax, Psv, Feyenoord and Az) usually make a championship on their own. In any case, the Eredivisie annually produces exceptional players, who often earn fortunes from European clubs after buying them for their weight in gold.

As a former defender, how do you see Lazio’s defense? What do you think of the new follicles and what profile do you consider more suitable considering the potential turnover?

“I think he has a good group of defenders. I am curious to see Casal in action because he impressed me so much in Verona. After that, Romagnoli’s experience should show his definitive devotion as a defensive captain for a prestigious club like Lazio. For the rest, I think I can say that there is trusted players

In general, what is your idea of ​​the transfer market led by Lazio in this session?

I loved the Lazio transfer market because basically the tops stayed and both experienced players and strong young players were included (I will mention one, Cancelleri for whom I see a bright future). What if something is still missing? All teams can always improve but in general I see Lazio competitive for what their stated goals would be.”

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