His seat is no longer fixed

Defeats in the Champions League and hesitation in the league widen the rift between the coach and the management. Exemption will cost a lot, but it is a hypothesis that cannot be ruled out

What if Allegri Out no longer alone l’hashtag More popular among Juventus fans? net of somewhat clumsy answer Maurizio Arrivabene For a fan requesting a technical exemption, archived early to tape (“Do you pay for those who come?‘, Ed) and the granite certainties of Max Allegri about his future“I don’t feel in danger“), the seat of the Juventus coach is no longer fixed. In fact, for several days, rumors have been coming from Turin that should not make us feel calm. Some management is not happy at all From the current technical manual and looking around. Which will lead you to a short list of potential alternatives that you can switch from today Zidane and Tuchel Passing through Pochettino. However, the reality, economically affordable, is that the name does exist and is a name Roberto de Zerbi It’s not a coincidence, and it’s not just for the friendship you have with him MihajlovicIn fact, he recently declined an offer Bologna (maybe even Monzandr).

de zerbywhich we explain, At this moment still an idea, it would be a technical and economical option. Vitality arrived Arrivabene There is a lot of current truth: Allegri costsAnd his dismissal would be a great sacrifice on the part of the club. On the other hand, however, later Two luxury purchases (Vlahovich Zakaria in january, Pogba, Di Maria, Paredes, Bremer and Milek in summer), the management feels that they have a very clear conscience and that they have fulfilled in all respects the requests of the technician by providing him with A team that can compete to win the league and do well in Europe Where, we remember, for a few years already in the budget premise, Juventus thought about the necessity of reaching at least the quarter-finals.

However, the reality is completely different: from the beginning of the season, even with an uncomplicated calendar, Allegri has only had two victories in the eight contested races so faralways lose, Champions and running Four times out of six in the league. Calculation is done quickly: in Europa The qualification is already so complex that it can be considered on the bounds of the impossible, in league Distance from the first – Milan, Naples and Atalanta – It is already four points, which would not be too many if, in every match, the Bianconeri did not show clear limits to play, physical and mental strength. Boundaries that do not need to be highlighted by critics since he was the first to talk about it with great honesty Leo Bonucci.

The truth is that thanks to the vision Vlahovic who constantly shakes his big head while waiting to see a playable ball snap into his parts, The hashtag Allegri-Out has crossed the social threshold to reach the Juventus gates. Taking care of that administrative aspect that the technician’s work is insufficient. Not only that: I was also tired of Allegri’s cliched pre- and post-match explanations. In short, the cheerful synthesis of “simple” football, in addition to not being involved, is also not very popular. Football is not easy at all, it has evolved a lot in recent years and you didn’t realize it looked like only the good max. de zerbyFor example, the small part of his career and his credibility was built on the in-depth study of the game. Will he replace Allegri? It is impossible to say, but certainly the rumors that reach us leave no room for doubt: in Turin they are thinking about it. Not since yesterday.