How the false news about the love affair between Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez was born

“Lautaro Martinez had a romantic affair with Romelu Lukaku”: this is how the hoax was born that spread even in Italy at night.

Lautaro Martinez separated from his wife because he allegedly had an intimate relationship with Bromello Lukaku: is the alleged news that after social media has bounced back in Argentina to become the main topic of discussion in the South American country, oceans have crossed, sparking A sensation too in Italywhere the two players live and play as teammates and division at Inter in close tandem known as “Lola”. clearly It’s an institution fake news Which, however, due to its adoption and participation, generated doubts and confusion. And in order to dispel any misunderstanding about it specifically, it is necessary to step back and understand the genesis of this hoax and how it spread like wildfire first in Argentina and then beyond national borders.

It all stems from the fact that Lautaro Martinez’s Instagram account with 5 million followers has suddenly disappeared And from The story was published at the same time by his wife, Agustina Gandolfo On his profile, where the sentence appears “The love you give is eternal”. This was enough to arouse the suspicion of the Argentines, who care very much and care about the emotional relationships of the players with the gossip that finds a large space in the sports narrative, that the story between the Inter striker and the 26-year-old player. The supermodel and fashion blogger was in a moment of crisis.

At that point in Argentina we talk about anything else e UN social account (known for the systematic production of fake news) Take the ball to manipulate the situation Convert those suspicions based on nothing into news and add another element to it – The fake love story with a colleague in Inter – To add more spice to the thing.

In fact, the Twitter account is causing the appearance of fake news that has also reached Italy “Real trend information”, announced a parody of the Argentine version of the traditional account “because it’s in the trend” popular in many countries. The fake sketch accompanies the alleged scoop of the end of the Taurus romance story, which is attributed to an intimate relationship with Lukaku. The authorship of the story is given to a well-known and accredited Argentine newspaper first (Which, though careful not to stress the last letter, misled many.)

At this point the tweet spreads around the world and Some newspapers cover it which cites the unwitting Olé as the source of the alleged scoop, which is nothing more than fake news resulting from an account that he admitted is creating false news with the intent of ridicule. However, the news of the separation between Lautaro and his wife due to an affair with Romelu Lukaku was considered by many.So much so that in the end Augustina Gandolfo herself intervened in the case with another story that was published on social networks. “I drink a mate when I see the power of imagination wielded by some people, I love you“: This is the message written by the 95 influencer class which clearly indicates the fake news that has been circulating in the previous hours.

One then wonders what was the reason for the closure of Lautaro Martinez’s Instagram account, which led to all this major misunderstanding that also sparked his teammate Romelu Lukaku, who ended up among the main trends in Italy today. Administrative issue in the social platform that temporarily closed the Inter profile forwardwhich has already returned to possession by returning to publish its stories and denying what can only be false news if there is a need.