I do this hoping it will serve at least one person

Without a team for more than a year, former Inter player Freddy Guarin posted an exciting message on Instagram: “God has already forgiven me and I have forgiven myself.”

The surprise is causing a stir in Colombia The message sent by Freddy Guarin On his Instagram profile, the words heightened by the dramatic feel of the accompanying photo, a very close-up shot of the 36-year-old Colombian. in tears. Without a team since last year, when his personal problems put a virtual end to his career after he returned home to the Millonarios of Bogotà, the former midfielder at the National Café He explained that he had gone through a very difficult period, in which the darkness of life made the bill.

Hello world, today I want to show myself as I am, with an open heart. I am not doing this to induce pity or to increase my followers. I do this with the intent of serving at least one person – Guarin Books – My life has changed drastically for some time now. These tears that you see in the picture are the tears of a man full of vices, mistakes, sins and many other things“.

The message continued with the mystical tones of the penitent who saw a light piercing his sky: “My people, it is time for us to open the door to our Father God and to guide our souls and hearts. God has already forgiven me and I have forgiven myself. If anyone disagrees with this post, I understand it. Do not stop dreaming. May God forgive our Lord with love and guidance. May God bless you today and always, much encouragement and strength. It’s not too late“.

Freddy Guarin today in Colombia

Freddy Guarin today in Colombia

Words that hint at a deep inner struggle. The arrogant midfielder of dynamite shoots thatInter He played for four years from 2012 to 2016, then he’ll get a Nabob job in China at Shanghai Shenhua, and it looks like he’s gone. In his place we see a man whom recent life events have made distinctly different.

Guarin with the captain's armband for Inter

Guarin with the captain’s armband for Inter

Champions and Europa League winner at the start of his career with Porto, Guarin last played for Millionaires In February last year. Then several summons from a personal situation that could have been highlighted by a bad news story two months later, The player was arrested for a violent fight with his father. In a video, the Colombian, with blood on his body and clothes, is seen resisting agents who rushed to his family home in Medellin, even wounding one of them before being taken into custody on charges Domestic Violence.

The photos are highlighted Changing the mental state of Guarin, whose career ended there. A few hours later, the message arrived from the Bogotá club, that Confirmed serious personal problems: “We deeply condemn the events that took place today with Freddy Guarín. All our support goes to his family. We will be by your side so that you can receive professional help that can get you out of this critical moment. You have given so much to Colombian football and we will always appreciate your love for Melonarios. Come on Freddy!Now, more than a year later, this message of redemption has arrived. Guarin is a new man and he hopes to teach like him also to others who, like him, have known the abyss of the human soul.