“I know what to do to convince the club to get rid of me,” then praised Pioli

Sergino Dest, Bought right back from Milan On loan with redemption from Barcelona, ​​he presents himself today to the people of the Rossoneri at a press conference.

Milan press conference


Gullit and Seedorf, like you, had the father of Suriname: it was destiny that you, too, would reach Milan

My dad was born there, but I don’t like to talk about my family. Yes, there is destiny in getting here and it is an honor to be back on the road to Seedorf, and I hope to do what he did.”

What are your qualities?

“I am a versatile right-footed defender, but I can also play on the left. The full-back is my favorite position, but I also have more offensive characteristics in case you need to play a little further.”

What do you have to do to get Milan back?

“What I can do is give 100% until Milan decides to keep me.”

You are from the US and joined a US-owned team, what do you think?

“I am more focused on the sporting aspects. I am happy to have an American company, but my focus is on football. I am focused on this.”

How did the adaptation process go in Italy and Milan?

“Things are going well, everything was very fast and I did not have time to look around and visit the city. Everyone in the team is very welcome, it is not easy to remember all the names, but the coach helps me.”

What are the biggest difficulties in the Italian league?

“I think I can become a more complete player here. Italy is known for its excellent defenders, and I will focus on improving my defensive skills and improving my potential. Changing the team and the league is an excellent opportunity for growth.”

With Pioli, defenders play a lot on the field: do you like this modern football?

“Pioli’s game is very good: full-backs are playing up front and this season can be an opportunity for me to help the team, develop my offensive and defensive qualities.”

Did you relate to anyone in particular?

“I arrived very recently and everyone helped me. With some I have more confidence, but the beauty is being part of a group without being associated with someone specifically. It’s good to be associated with the group as a whole.”

Has anyone studied the history of Milan?

“A glorious past like that of Milan can only be known: from Ronaldinho to those here like Paolo Maldini.”

Has anyone impressed you in these early days in Milanello?

“Leao is a great player, doing great things. But the individual is not important, more than anything else the team plays.”

You are told that you love to play without stress and that you always want to improve yourself: is this the place to be here?

“Yes, I work for this every day. Everything around me can make me better: from facilities to staff to comprehensive assistance. Now it’s my turn.”

The press conference ends here.