Icardi in Galatasaray, tired of rumors, and Wanda Nara breaks the silence

The future in Istanbul now: Mauro Icardi He decided to close a tiring chapter of his football career and move to Galatasaraythanks to the pressure of himself Paris Saint-Germainwhich was welcomed by the fans with the usual clamor in front of which was intended for those who gave up the most famous tournaments but also the most scarce opportunities.

Wanda Nara Join him on his new football adventure, bringing together the entire family: father-in-law, father MauroThe five children and kenyan palacescollaborator, for turkey And he returned to the Argentine striker.

Icardi leaves PSG for Galatasaray

The agreement revealed details regarding the chosen formula, loan equivalency and commitment Paris Saint-Germain To cover part of the salary From the former captain of Inter Which amounts to about 10 million. Maybe you’re tired of some constant speculation or allusion to her private life and choices, come on Instagram Wanda Nara She lent herself to answer her followers to avoid some suspicion.

A tense situation, magnified by the prospect of moving to Turkey: the potential for it to be imposed Reducing the size of its businessAs well as the inevitable change associated with the changes that his family and children must face.

“I mean, I’ve been working since I was very young, so anyone who wants to make up bullshit or keep throwing bad vibes in my face can look at magazines from 30 years ago. At five, I was already working, I was the girl who went to school with Valeria (Mazza), Carola del Bianco, and Carolina Bellerretti.”

And he wanted to reiterate that he had no intention of stopping:

“I want to keep working because my other job for six or seven years will follow Mauro’s contracts and transfers, so I’m going to do what I’m doing. I’m doing it really badly… I make contracts playing on the pitch because the only thing I miss is playing.”

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The controversy surrounding his role as an agent

his turn as agent She was questioned, especially by the Argentine media, when the case exploded despite the entrepreneur’s commitment to pursuing her husband’s interests surrounded by lawyers, lawyers and experts in the sector that was the focus of every transfer.

“I send a big kiss to all who criticize, and I add that, like all mothers, my role is to accompany, to calm, to look for a home, to commute, to find a school. I do it in the best way and I am the one who pulls everything and sets it in motion. Plus the contractual part “I have to take care of the emotional part and everything else. So, for women who criticize another woman, I feel I’m going to be an example to my daughters, and it seems to me that they should review their lives. And that I can live without work, sure yes.” “Me and my children and my children,” said Raed. Business with a bit of anger.


Wanda Nara and fighting prejudices

Often at the center of the inescapable debates for his public role regardless of his marriage to the Argentine striker, Wanda Nara He has consistently maintained his position, independence and pride in achieving professional continuity in the world showbiz Like it or not, make it an international player.

And personality even outside the borders Dilargentinawho suggested—albeit with slips admitted by the entrepreneur herself—who proposed a feminist paradigm that breaks with dominant paradigms by constructing Economic and financial empire.

“At the age of thirty-five, I was able to make sure that they all could live without work, but I don’t want that to happen. I don’t want to die tomorrow and the loser will tell him, ‘Look at everything your old mother left, don’t work. It seems to me that in life we ​​can Always keep on growing.And you can always do more.In life the dreams we have make us different.Sure I could be wrong about so many things,obviously if I lived with my husband’s credit card,locked in my house,going back and forth to the mall,there wouldn’t be Too much room for error. Everything would be perfect there, but I’d rather have another life. And those who make mistakes sometimes. But I’d rather do things on my own than sit in my chair and criticize other people’s lives without doing anything. I don’t know, that’s what I am now She wanted to repeat.

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