Inter-Bayern 0-2 Champions League: Sané goal and D’Ambrosio own goal

A wonderful display from the German opened the scoring in the first half, which he dominated, then the Nerazzurri responded, but he was subjected to an unfortunate goal from D’Ambrosio.

Bayern Munich is updating the counter: always the winner of the Nerazzurri Meazza, 19 consecutive wins for the first time in the Champions League and scoring 47-2 in the partial (29-0 in the last ten). Inter also fall for it, defended in the first half by a stifling team and hit by friendly fire at the moment of reaction in the second half. Leroy Sané ends up on the scoreboard, starring in a goal from a standing ovationand Danilo D’Ambrosio about a play by the German himself.

strong signals

A derby slip prompted Simone Inzaghi to rearrange the cards for the first time in Europe, as he had not done before this season. Henrikh Mkhitaryan for the first time, Ruben Goossens for the second time, and Andre Onana for the first time in the Nerazzurri. Then Edin Dzeko in attack and behind D’Ambrosio, with Stéphane de Vrij and Nicolo Parilla on the bench. New powers, but also new faces to give the signal of change to every Inter. Instead, Julian Nagelsmann confirmed that the 4-2-3-1 front-wheel drive despite the 1-1 draw in the Bundesliga, is aware of the predictions on the eve of it being adopted on the field. The first two shots – saved – are Joshua Kimmich in the first 180 seconds, as the guests suffocate. However, the Bavarian team at the back is not too tight and Lautaro Martinez hits the post with a cross after a split.

re lero

Inzaghi’s warning is the industrial amount of missed balls in the preparation phase, the Germans’ warning is the home goalkeeper’s desire to feed Eden Dzeko with instant long balls, knowing that the side guests are positioned high in the offensive trocar. Only Lucas Hernandez and Mathis de Ligt remain. The intensity and density observations were likely from Inzaghi’s observations during Byrne’s video study, and in fact, the Kingsley Coman and Sadio Mane track takes time to calibrate the measurements. At 23′ the ex-Liverpool presented himself from the bank for the first real shocker of the evening: The Dish For Muller who lifted Onana over the bar, to the liking of Giuseppe Meazza. Just enough time to calm his hands, however, applause caught Sane, who made great use of Kimmich’s visual invention, slipping past the goalkeeper and signing 1-0 (25). D’Ambrosio and Denzel Dumfries can be seen in the labeling.


Dzeko confirms his charisma and personality that risked changing the fate of the derby and a header from a corner kick stunned Manuel Neuer in half an hour. On the other hand, teammate Onana shouts and calls his teammates to pay attention, pushing Alfonso Davies back and puffing until Marcel Sabitzer’s shot ends up bouncing slightly to the side. The stats in the interval perpetuate dominance on the pitch, with Inzaghi having to revise solutions at the start of the second half: Without Romelu Lukaku, Dumfries pushes more but lives an inaccurate evening. Not a change in men, but in position: D’Ambrosio kicks high after a rebound, Dzeko La Angola and hits Neuer from about ten metres. Competitive grudge is the added element in the second half for Inter, which forces Bayern to lower its center of gravity. But a cross pass hit Alessandro Bastoni’s head in the 65th minute made San Siro tremble, because Onana does not catch the ball and recovers it with the help of the post.

the seal

It looks like it’s time for changes, but first Sane and Koeman paired up the duos in a visual triangulation of the area: the German’s goal is actually an unlucky one via D’Ambrosio (66). The pace is declining, and the threats remain. Mane partnered with Onana, Inzaghi changed the face of Inter with substitutions, but the match fell asleep until the 82nd minute. After a dangerous attempt by the guests, in fact, Roberto Galliardini almost re-opened the match by sending the ball from Hernandez: the midfielder had just picked up the whistles, But it was Joaquin Correa who missed the chance to reopen the match by kicking to the side. . Lautaro also wastes half a chance to change a semi-written match, then jogs until the triple whistle. Inter still has to be fixed, Bayern Munich like this can get hurt alone.