Inter-Bayern, Inzaghi Prepares Revolution: 3 Steps to Rewriting History

The Nerazzurri coach is considering four changes in eleven starts compared to the knockout against Milan in the derby

Reverse the “bad and dangerous” trend. That is the goal of Simone Inzaghi, who yesterday used categorical words in his speech to the team in the video room. Inter, at the San Siro against Bayern, only lost in its history: three matches, three defeats, from the 1988-89 UEFA Cup to the 2006-07 and 2010-11 championships. We have to reverse course: this applies to the club, it applies to the coach.

The Inter coach is considering some changes and above all some excellent exceptions in light of the Bayern Munich match, scheduled for tomorrow evening at the San Siro.

“This time the coach needed to return strongly to some of the topics, tactical and other, that I already addressed in post-Lazio – La Gazzetta dello Sport reveals -. A call to attention and focus, with special reference to Milan’s second and third goals in the last derby not missed. Inter La It differs in men from the team that knew last season, for long periods, how to raise the wall in front of the opponents. By blocking, we mean the defensive stage as a whole.. If the performance so far, in parallel, it means that the players have lowered the level. A matter of mentality, in fact. And motivation , perhaps to some owners who fell a little lower.”

Inzaghi believes in three moves – plus Gosens’s return of 1 – to rock the Inter team in light of his debut at Champions 22/23:

Dzeko He will be Lautaro’s partner, having started from the bench with Milan. We talk about the Bosnian on another page, about what he can offer in terms of experience and proximity to Lautaro. But this is not the only difference on the horizon. Inzaghi thinks of changing the entire left chain. And so on Demarco Several opportunities are being played to take over the hard-hitting Spades in the derby. Dimarco guarantees speed and fast ball output: Against fast attackers like the Germans, it could be a logical solution. slipping in front of him Josens. The German needs continuity, at this moment the alternation between inside and outside is not good for him. Needs to add minutes, very few of which are assembled starting from the bench.

and then, Mkhitaryan. The Armenian went well in the derby and that thing didn’t escape Inzaghi’s crew. It’s an important nomination, making its way into a section that last year was a seamless nursery rhyme. Mkhitaryan undermines Parilla more than Calhanoglu: It is a path to follow, a hypothesis under study that will also be verified with this morning’s training, which is the first “real” training in light of the Champions League.

The Inter coach is also considering a tactical change to fix the defensive phase, which is a real problem at the start of the season:

“The trick with Bayern would be to lower the center of gravity by a few metres: the goal is not to give the playing field to Nagelsmann’s runners. Moreover, something has already been seen against Milan in this sense: the Nerazzurri played with an average center of gravity six meters lower than the match against Lazio, just to get On a reference. Then everything was thwarted by individual errors in the derby.”

But after preparing for the match, the newspaper concluded by “proposing” the real solution to avoid new blackouts: “Maybe tomorrow’s real climb to Everest will reduce the number of gifts given to opponents.”