Inter Conference, Inzaghi in real time

“Onana or Handanovic? I have already decided who will play, but tomorrow I will inform the team first.”

After defeat with Bavaria MonacotoInter Immediately demand a ransom against Victoria Belsen In the second round of Champions League. But Simone Inzaghi does not want to put pressure on the team. “It’s an important match, but it won’t be decisive yet – The Nerazzurri coach explained -. We know it will be one Physical and treacherous race, but We want to score points and move the rankings“.” We are involved The hardest group in the Champions LeagueBut we want to play it, he added. they will serve At least ten points to pass the roundThen on the binary Onana Handanovic: “I have already decided who will play, but I will inform the team first tomorrow“.

Inzaghi Conference

Onana or Handanovic?
“As for the goalkeeper, I have decided but at the moment I don’t want to say that. The players don’t know that yet because we only did one training session. This morning we were able to work on the video, little on the pitch. It’s true that they know”

Strengths and Weaknesses of Plzen
“It is a physically strong team, which we saw and studied in the two games with Karabag and then in Barcelona. It built this entry into the Champions League groups in this stadium. In front of it are important players like Khoury., Mosquera, Sykora: they have physical strength and know how to restart quickly. Great, they showed it even in a difficult field like Barcelona.”

decisive game
“Without a doubt it is an important match, we know we ended up in the toughest group in the whole Champions League but we want to play it. The first appearance was not good. We tried, but Bayern were better than us. Now we know this match. It will bring us pitfalls, but we We want to face it in the best possible way.”

The game is really crucial?
“With four games out, maybe it won’t be decisive, but we know the importance of that and we know that ten points should be needed to pass. Last year we did well, this year we know the group is more competitive. But tomorrow we want to score the first points because we We want to move the order.

A challenge like Slavia Prague?
“I coached Lazio in that match…I remember they were two different matches, but each match is a story in itself”


Market and renewal
“I’ve never talked about the transfer market and I’d rather continue not to. We came here to play this game and I don’t want to talk about my future and my contract, I don’t think it’s the right time and place. When there’s news you’ll know from me and no one else”

special match
“It will be a special match, Slovakia is closer to Italy than Plzen, and relatives and friends will come. A lot of players I know play in Plzen, and it will be special”

Plzen obstacle
“We have seen how the team has progressed under this coach. Physically they are very strong and ready. They work quickly on the counter-attack and we have to be careful of those.”

Mood after Turin
“It wasn’t easy after the derby and Bayern, but we managed to exchange words in the dressing room. That definitely helped us win the last match.”