Inter, here are the alternatives in pink: from Unana, Aslani to Mkhitaryan,

Inzagi can also catch fish from the reserves. The Albanian only has 24 minutes on the field

Jose Mourinho wrote in these parts a piece of history, bequeathing not only trophies, but also indelible phrases. Among the hits, there is “I hear the noise of enemies”, useful for charging the team and the environment in the fight against the rest of the tournament. Who knows if Simone Inzaghi would have instead heard the old interviews of the Champions League’s top opponents, with incredible tokens of appreciation for Andre Onana, now Inter’s deputy goalkeeper and still waiting for the first chance. “He is one of the top five goalkeepers in the world: agile, explosive and fast. In addition, he has great starting qualities.” The inauguration on Bild came, a few months ago, straight from Oliver Kahn, the current CEO of Bayern Munich and for years one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

special fan

But among the fans of Onana, there is not only Cannes: even Neuer – the captain of the Bavarian club – posted on social media a video in 2019 congratulating the Cameroonian, calling himself one of his biggest fans. And then, the question arises: is it possible that Inter can keep a potential number one in the world on the bench for a year? Inzaghi in retirement was clear: “The owner is Handanovic”, but fans are eagerly waiting for Andrei’s debut and the logo is back in place after seeing what Minyan can do. Let’s be clear, Handa in the derby has very few responsibilities, but the rhetoric is more general: Inter invest in the summer on the target players, which is useful for improving the quality of the team and making the team deeper. And perhaps, in a moment of such apparent difficulty and with so many close associations, they may deserve the opportunity to show off and act as a “shock” to the team and the environment.


Henrikh Mkhitaryan is a concrete example of how Inter needs new energy, technology and nerves. The Armenian’s entry into the derby was more than a shock: playing times, ball management, and always clear and correct choices when going up. Not surprisingly, Mickey is the Nerazzurri player with the most titles on the billboard, spread across different leagues. The classic silent leader, with a winning mentality and a willingness to achieve goals. Mickey has been disabled by injuries, and now it seems his time has come. Tough with Bayern, but he could start soon and make his contribution. He may even bring his teammates back to calm, after a start to the season that showed a near tenseness to mass hysteria.


Youngsters Aslani and Bellanova are also waiting, on the field with a total of 35 minutes (24 minutes and 11 minutes). Albani, after a summer at the top, is set in mothballs: neither vicerozzo nor mezala, for the time being, Christian continues to study the greats, but perhaps also the spark for a new career. For Bellanova, the situation is more complicated, despite the various problems in the wing for Inzaghi: well, it is difficult to let go of Dumfries, but Raul can also play on the left, with great motivation and a desire to break the world. Here, the adrenaline load that was missing in the derby.