Inter, Inzaghi wants big answers and defense. Yesterday at Appiano a little word was buzzing in the air…

The Nerazzurri licking his wounds after the derby defeat against AC Milan: Bayer Monaco is now in the Champions League

Alessandro de Felice

Untouchable. The beginning of the volatile seasonInter It puts Simon’s hierarchies into crisis insatiable. Now, in fact, no one is safer than the place: from the Bastoni-Barilla couple to Calhanoglu, passing through Skriniar and de Vrij. And on the horizon there is a challenge before the “tank” Bayern Munich:

“Inter, who are back at the wall with 2 in 5 crashes (only three times in the last 20 years), could collapse or re-emerge – he writes Gazzetta dello sport -. In any case, the Champions League court risks redefining the hierarchy and direction of the season: hunger must be found, as well as the path.”.

Yesterday at Appiano Gentile, Simone Inzaghi spoke with the team and made a statement on the topic of “character”:

“In the first difficulty, the team passes and struggles to re-emerge. And when that happens, often with outbursts of nervousness as in the last derby. In general, the sports district has not absorbed the serenity of the last weeks of the transfer market: the environment is worried about seeing PSG Sitting there on his perch, which threatens to drag Skriniar away to zero by the millions in the summer. And the surreal Acerbi Sì-Acerbi la ballet with dictates by Zhang and then turning back has not given her stability either., He wants to become an excuse for players and staff, all of whom are invited to respond in The right moment.”

But there is also another little word that rang in the air yesterday in the middle of Appiano, which the managers used, in the strategic rescue after the defeat in the derby:

for “humility“There was a lot of talk, in depth, because that’s the main gift of every winning team: Inter got big doses of it, but no one knows where he’s gone now. And it’s the problem of problems. Inter presented themselves in the derby who really erred in humility: He was disappointed with focus, courage and motivation and not everyone had to pull. Especially the big guys, all of a sudden Simon’s spine was checked.”

Lukaku’s return was supposed to add charisma to the Nerazzurri and the Belgian’s absence through injury proved to be too heavy. Romelu, but not only:

“Perisic’s leadership, on the other hand, was more technical, and there on the left the farewell created a gap that no one seems able to bridge. However, on the subject of charisma, the much courted Skriniar has always been a guarantee: a captain without a scarf, before the last month and a half He and his head lived a little in Paris and a little in Milan, however, he did not help Milan: his renewal risks becoming a hot topic in the fall, but he has the task of isolating himself and returning to his heights, and perhaps dragging his comrades in disarmament: de Frege, who suffered from the nightmare Which Giroud suffered, and showed up again to ruin his nights, and Bastoni, who started the year he should have accelerated with the brakes.

Inzaghi had turned him into his first offensive ‘fly’ and now, in addition to no longer moving the ball in front of him, he is suddenly distracted behind him, as happened in Liao’s 3-1 break. In that context, the newly arrived Acerbi may have minutes. To complete the section most in sight, Captain Handa, who was not wrong but did not “save” with the devil: yesterday’s fashion game on social media, always tough with the Slovenian, was imagining the derby result with two goalkeepers in reverse. “ It concludes with “Rosary”.