Inter, Inzaghi’s words on the eve of his debut with Bayern Munich

In Meazza, the Nerazzurri will be looking for an achievement against the German champion. Simon Inzaghi’s words at the press conference

LANTER He will try to forget the Madonnina derby already from the match against Bavaria Monaco Tomorrow is scheduled for 21:00. mezze band Simon Inzaghi He will make his first season appearance in the Champions League, without favoring predictions. At the press conference, the Nerazzurri coach assessed the state of the team: “We all have to rise in case. The lineup? I’ll decide tomorrow. The match against Bayern Munich should be an opportunity.” Alongside him is the Nerazzurri midfielder Hakan Calhanoglu.

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In tomorrow’s match
“We know the strength of our opponent, the group is very competitive. We came from the disappointment of the derby, we know what he represents for the fans and for our club.”
in the group
“We know we have to score 10 points in this group. Objectively speaking, it is a much more difficult group than last year but we are facing Bayern Munich so facing Bayern should be an opportunity. They are one of 3-4 teams to win the championship. The league.”
On the terms of Bastoni and Parilla
“I think it’s not right to talk about singles after Saturday’s defeat. We all have to go up in a situation at the singles level, in terms of the line-up I will decide tomorrow. There is no training, then I will look at the training data tomorrow morning. The need to score 10 points in this group, which is much more difficult than last year.”
Derby chapter, is Handanovic wrong?
“It’s normal to always look for the culprits in a defeat. I’m the coach and I try to improve the team every day.”
Derby mistakes are not repeated tomorrow?
It has been analyzed, because when there are painful defeats you have to face them. The biggest mistake was when we conceded the equalizer. We stopped doing what we were doing in the first 25 minutes. It could also happen with Bayern Munich. We have to act better, stay in the game.”
D. Mkhitaryan 1′?
“Mkhitaryan entered very well, he is a player in quality and quantity. He had a slowdown in the match against Lecce, now he is working at full capacity for a week and could be a solution from the start. But there is still a training session and tomorrow. I will make a decision.”
Sue Goosins
“He’s training very well, he’s a perfect professional. Last year he practically lost an entire season and he’s paying for this inactivity. But I’m happy with how he’s trained.”
Bayern returns from two draws…
“I watched the last two games. In terms of numbers and statistics there was no match, then the opponents were good at limiting this team, which has the density of the best in Europe.”
The role of senators after the derby
“I’ve watched the training for the past two days, it’s been what I want, which I’ve always had from this group who’s been with me for a year and three months, doing extraordinary things. At the moment there are difficulties, we’ve lost the two big games we’ve had and we know we need to improve. ,
about criticism
“They are in football every day. I also like to hear constructive ideas because they motivate me. Every day I have to make dozens of choices and try to make them for Inter.”