Inter, three clues make a crisis

Lazio, Derby and finally BayernGood Bayern, not great Bayern: three defeats (all deserved) in less than two weeks and between them only 3-1 at the Cremonese Stadium who has not said any talk of recovery, even partially. Inter knows the first crisis of the season is something profoundEven the many innovations or the many concessions that Inzaghi allowed himself in the first round of the Champions League – I have a feeling we could talk more about partial rejection of gallbladder than we talk about turnover – did not produce the desired effects: D’Ambrosio, Gosens, Mkhitaryan and Dzeko , the various substitutes de Vrij, Darmian, Barilla and Correa used against Milan, absorbed the difficulties of the moment and lost the confidence of their teammates, who were very constrained and confused. Onana deserves a separate discussion, when first appearing at the request of people who confirmed that they were no longer stopping Handanovic, he was also found guilty of climate change and price increases. The Cameroon goalkeeper was busy from the first minutes and walked away discreetly, but to understand whether he could really replace Hande immediately, further checks are required: he neglected half of the second-half duck out of humility.

For most of the match, Karissa and Bergomi emphasized Bayern’s strength, and I’m exaggerating in my opinion: just Inter slow, finally whistled by his fansIt increased the speed of the Bavarians’ maneuverability. Bayern today is an excellent team that lost 238 goals in 253 games to Lewandowski (also a hat-trick last night) and tried to solve it with Mane, who has a lot of technique but does not have the same production as the pole. I admit it I would have liked to see Ronaldo at Bayern MunichSince he was offered almost free of charge, given the criteria (6 million salary plus 6 bonuses tied to winning the Champions League): I am among the few who are still convinced that Cristiano is not done yet.

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Sane, show champions: l’Inter hires Bayern 2-0

I go back to the internet. There is a movement whose origin does not escape me: it is Critical Wave – Not Yet Tsumani – beat Simon Inzaghi. Various accusations: wrong changes (Lazio-Inter), incomprehensible marks (Gallardini on Milinkovic, also at Olimpico), a melted defense (9 goals in the last four games), a state of defects (Barilla, Brozovic), surprises off the field. (Korea from the start in the derby) and much more.

I even read that Conte’s influence will end at Inter And that the current technician will find himself practically naked, struggling with his ideas, hesitations, and limits. If this is true, and it is not, then players will be considered puppets only capable of responding to Mangiafuoco’s request and last season’s cup-winning Inzaghi sort of Contian accessory. In football, there is a mathematical and mental state Which does not always respect desires, times and programs.

Hero: Napoli screams.  Inter falls at home

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Hero: Napoli screams. Inter falls at home

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