Inter Torino 1-0: Brozovic decides in the 89th minute

Grenades play better and have the best chances that the Slovenian has thwarted. Then in the final, the Croatian goal

Brozz’s intense reach at sunset gives Inter a three-point that seemed unexpected, assembled with the power of desperation rather than clarity and ideas, against Toro who often made a much better character than the Nerazzurri. If Inzaghi is able to capitalize on this shot of nerve and heart in the final, he owes it above all to his rediscovered captain, Handanovic, who is back in position and particularly busy in the second half to face the grenade bombing. However, Inzagi’s problems continue to burn, even if this victory is water in the desert: it gives new life. On the contrary, Torino leaves San Siro with one regret: had they dared more in time, the outcome would have been completely different.

first half

Initially, Simone Inzaghi returned the “sacrifice” of the massacre against Bayern to their old tasks: Hande found his place in the goal, de Vrij returned his position to lead the defense and Parilla also tried to give the adrenaline from the midfielder. If anything, the news of the day is DiMarco’s stance, not a complete outsider but a new “arm” of defense, with ample room to enter. Center back is Bongiorno, who won the poll with Schurz, and former Lazaro on the right, Toro, who still has pneumonia, Juric still has. If Sanabria is favored by Pellegri as blackjack at 3-4-2-1, the big news on the trocar is that Seck is teaming up with Vlasic instead of Radonjic. Oddly enough, at first, Toro assumes a wait-and-see attitude, different from the usual, while Inter is the situation of last week, if not worse: the derby and the Bayern poisons have not gone away yet and the Nerazzurri, then. Speed ​​work, they make a great effort to move the ball in front. It appears to be Team of the Month for April, the team that threw the Scudetto that actually looked on the bedside table, with its legs still paralyzed by fright and tips separated from the rest of the body. Thus, in the first half with chloroform where the first beeps of the Nerazzurri were clearly heard, the greatest opportunity naturally is Toro. And with whom, if not Vlasic, Public Danger #1: slipping between Barilla and Skriniar and engaging Handa in a parade of high symbolic value. With Unana blown into his neck, the Slovenian needs old facts to lock his seat and get as far away as possible from the seemingly inevitable succession.

the other half

At the start of the second half, if anything, the clouds are thickening even more under the Inter sky. No shock from Inzaghi and the grenade rises dangerously high, building a chance to head out with Sanabria (another Handa rescue) and a poisoned cross from Lukic. After 6′ this is the episode that could have given a different meaning to the match: Sanabria always sees red to press Calha, but after Farr intervenes, referee Airoldi correctly replays his steps by changing the color of the card. The plot of the match did not change however, as the Slovenian goalkeeper had to wrestle with his feet the old-fashioned way from an unknown free kick by Jarila Rodriguez and then got his hands on another pair of Vlasic’s arms. Solving the usual difficulties in building the Nerazzurri does not seem easy, which is why Simon relies on the bench: while Barrow picks Radonjic for Seck and Ilkhan for Linetty, Inzaghi removes Dumfries and replaces Bastoni behind him (Darmian goes to the right and Di Marco climbs higher). But, above all, the coach changed half his attack, putting Correa next to Lautaro. Only the Argentine bull seems to have the energy in his body to hurt the other bull, but it’s often solo initiatives, like the sombrero he flings toward Milinkovic’s goal before Lukic’s amazing recovery. However, the dash of the crowd is felt and seeing Inter’s reaction at last, with higher aggression and balls finally falling into the grenade area: the Serbian goalkeeper’s first save hit Skriniar’s header, before Barilla failed the most with a gentle blow in front of the door. And then Martinez himself is with an amazing head turn to hit the goal, but it’s a fire that stays on for a very short time, a maximum of ten minutes, and extinguishes immediately also because the inputs of Mkhitaryan and Bellanova do not. Add thrust. Indeed, it is Radonjic who calls Handa a thousandth memorization, by far his best. When it looks like there is no room further than 0-0 and the Nerazzurri sure calms down, Inter pull a three-pointer out of the hat, a little impromptu and the son of a heart who still has that trajectory. The pass to bypass Barilla’s defense reminds Niccolo that he was, and inserting Brozovic behind Ilkhan is like a zone thief. This rolling ball does not solve the problems in the least, but it gives relief. On the other hand, Toro will achieve a high-level tournament, the San Siro Shahid.