Irish Affairs/10: The FCI will be commissioned, Lega Ciclismo submits the complaint

It’s been two weeks since the last Federal Council, the week that should have “fixed” the Irish issue and, instead, created further ruptures within the FCI administration. Despite these 14 days, the FCI has not provided any tangible response to public opinion, and even if it is now clear that the inspiration and recipient of most if not all of these 106,000 now famous in commissions uniforms should have been the team. Roberto Amadeo, the right-hand man of President Dagnoni, the leaders of the National Union took no action.

Now, it’s time for the stamped papers. While the FCI threatens to file complaints with journalists and sector operators who have the audacity to tell this story, Lega Ciclismo for new president Mauro Vigni has decided to take the bull by the horns and act.

Yesterday afternoon, a complaint was lodged with the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office and, at the same time, with the Conne Public Prosecutor’s Office, which, in addition to assuming the crimes committed by Danione and his comrades, requests the direct commissioner of the FCI.

I REATI – Although these are the facts that have been widely reported and documented so far, the Lega Ciclismo initiative, which bears the signature of the lawyer. Ascanio Donadio is an essential step as it reconstructs the responsibilities of FCI directors from a legal point of view.

It is not a matter of mistakes, or blunders, or omissions, but of mismanagement that no one can now say that he “does not know”, and if the other direction is reversed, he will become a “partner”.

Aspects set forth in the lawsuit brought by Lega Ciclismo are clear:
1) the minutes of the meeting of the Federal Council on June 18 will be forged in a public deed, after a non-existent resolution has been submitted;

2) the preparation of this report (with the infamous point 3.6) would incorporate the offense of abuse of office against the person responsible for it (the Federal Secretary);

3) the FCI is subject to the rules of transparency of public administration and its head has a public function when managing funds;

4) the spending of 106 thousand euros represents a clear attempt to manage this amount outside the rules under which those who spend public money on the commission of the offense of embezzlement (the embezzlement of things not owned by a public official);

5) Referring to the Bougno ring and the €30,000 commission offered to him by the FCI, we will be faced with attempted corruption, obstruction of justice or, again, embezzlement.

Let’s talk about cycling Those who have told the story of Ireland so far have done so gracefully and professionally, always giving the advantage of the doubt to the FCI despite the facts leaving room for some doubts and without taking the place of the judiciary.

But it’s time to also respond to those who believe, for various reasons and with different comments, that it is ciclismoweb (and the rest of the press) that is doing the damage to cycling. Dear gentlemen, if there is damage, the damage is being done by this federal leadership with its incompetence and inability to run the affairs of the FCI transparently.

Talking about this story means talking about cycling, because 106 thousand euros and many other resources are part of the legacy of the Italian movement that inevitably exhausted the money that could have been invested in the benefit of youth cycling.

Because every euro spent by FCI is collected from public funds and by the passion of small and large companies that make up the core business. has been talking about cycling and the young talents of Italian cycling since 2005, and it is also important, out of respect for this group, to talk about the management aspects of the FCI; For a change today, we will live from Agna (Pd) to bring you another youth event broadcast sponsored and published by Every week, in collaboration with Teleciclismo, we offer 2 hours of live TV dedicated entirely to cycling, and for those who have forgotten, has given life to a first post-pandemic experience as well as many other fan-friendly events for two-wheelers. Show her appreciation.

Well, don’t even think about putting on a muzzle that says “talk about cycling”, we’ve been doing it with passion, professionalism, and free-of-charge for 17 years.