“It’s not true that I don’t manage the defence! Navas? Tough summer with so many rumors, now let’s talk about the renewal. About Sirigu…”

Alex Merritt speaks to the Naples Kiss Kiss radio microphones. Tomorrow, during the broadcast of “Radio Goal”, the goalkeeper will talk about the new season


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Alex Merritt Speak into microphones Radio Kiss Kiss Naples. Today at two o’clock in the afternoon, during the broadcast of “Radio Goal”, the goalkeeper will talk about the new season and its growth in the past period, between the companies in the Champions League and the present called Milan. As usual, the interview will follow immediately Tuttonapoli.net And on our portal you can find the live text.

14:02 – Alex Merritt interview begins: “Tackling with Rangers? Surely Bali was saved, which is important in the minute of the match and how he was set up in the first minutes when Laure pushed so much thanks to their fans. It was tough because Kim was there spoiling the scene a little bit, but I dealt with it and it was an important intervention. Because he kept the score at 0-0 and then we performed well in the second half to win.”

About the atmosphere in Ibrox: “Their fans were amazing, the atmosphere was warm and even the opposing team had more courage thanks to the people, and they were pushing hard. But we were good at keeping calm, we played our game and broke it in the second half. The extra guy was easier to manage. It was a test of maturity, And we stayed clear and did what we had to do.”

An excellent start to the season!We are only at the beginning, he is still long in both the Champions League and the League. We started on the right foot. We could have scored a few more points, like Lecce, but we have to continue on that path. He wants balance and you have to think game by game to get to something important “.

There were rumors about Navas and Kepa, it was a tough summer for you but you stayed focused. “I don’t have many words, the best facts. It was a difficult summer for me, there were a lot of rumors, but I only thought about focusing on the field, as I always did in other years. By working, you can achieve important goals.”

Off the field Are you out of few words, rather on the field? “On the field, you have to call up the defense, you have to guide your teammates. I’m sorry you hear sometimes that I don’t, but I think I’ve always done that and try to improve myself in this too. I have to grow in all aspects, even this, but I think I do.”

So Kim Min Jae. “He really impressed me, he’s really improved a lot since he arrived and he can still do it. He has incredible physical strength, he’s very strong in the head, good in defenses. It’s really hard to get past him. I hope he does. He continues like this.”

So Kvaratskhelia. “He has important shots, tricky dribbling to defend. He did well right away and he has to keep going. He can give us an extra hand in the defensive phase, but when he has the ball he is exciting and difficult to control.”

Now everyone is happy with your performance: what has changed? “When you have continuity and confidence, things get better. I’m happy, but the tournament is long and I haven’t done anything. I’m happy to regain the goal, to be the primary goalkeeper for Napoli and me. I just want to think about the pitch.”

So Sirigo. “I’ve known him for a few years now because we’re in the national team together in the locker room, he’s a nice guy and the group likes him right away. It’s important to have a character like him living in the closet of the task rooms. He knows how to act, he knows how to manage different moments of the tournament.” I am happy to also share him on the European Championship track and now the adventure here in Naples.”

In the project with Liverpool. “It was great, in front of our fans. We weren’t expecting to start that strong either. We did really well in defense and then took advantage of their weaknesses up front, and we were good with our characteristics to score four goals in Liverpool, which is not clear against such a team. strong.”

After the success with Lazio we saw you running under the curve and screaming. “It was a liberating cry for a match that we were able to bring home in a difficult stadium like Olympique. Being able to turn that game around was a fantastic team. We unleashed it in front of our fans.

Could you take that Colombo shot against Lecce? “I think he found a really great goal. I left, but even if I went against I wouldn’t have scored anyway. Thanks also to the strikers, he scored a great goal at the fork and I can do little about that.”

in Milan. “It will be a big challenge, important for the tournament but not crucial because we are at the beginning. It will tell us a lot anyway. We always aim to win, and success in Milan will be important because there is a break that will allow us to rest for a while.. Hopefully we will have a great match.”

Wish for 2023? “Serenity, health and continuity in the goal of Naples. The Scudetto? It is a dream that we try to achieve every year, and this year we will try to achieve it again.”

Giuntoli said you’re talking about renovation: is it going to be a long blue future? “We’re talking, now I’m just thinking of putting in a good performance on the pitch and the rest will be the result.”

14:18 – Interview with Alex Merritt ends.