Ivy is out of the project but she’s still in pink: Taurus will try it out in January

El Toro put Izu, Verdi and Zaza, but not the nursery product, struggling from a severe injury to recover

The transfer market in Turin, in addition to the focus on replacing the front lines that left for various reasons, also included the sale of some players who found themselves for a long time outside the technical project. disappointments in many cases. It passed from the players who are the fulcrum of the organic bomb, to become real weights to eliminate both the budget and the functionality of the team. These were very painful choices, especially for the circumstances in which they landed under a mole. Armando Izzo came from rich experience defending the rear guard in Genoa. The formative years that made him an expert and reliable player. So he appeared at least in his first season on the orders of Walter Mazzarri, where the Neapolitan defender proved to be a real factor in the journey that led the grenades to touch Europe, and then disappeared in the playoffs with the wolves, after the loss. Milan.

This exclusion led to the purchase of Simon Verdi. For some, the icing on the cake of an already competitive team, for others, it’s a sop run at the end of the market to placate an eager-buyer arena that would allow Torino to live up to its ambitions. It was the most expensive operation of the Cairo era and, in hindsight, the most famous. Verdi, a distant relative of the person admired in Bologna, soon became a problem. The extravagant months also from an emotional point of view in Salerno revitalized him a bit, not so much as he convinced the card holders, the coach and the fans to keep him. The adventure in Turin was resolved in the final days of the summer session with the loan of Hellas Verona. The same goes for Izzo who, to find out the time lost in the past two years, preferred to get back into the game at Monza.

Ivy, two goals in Roma, then loan and injury

Another operation with controversial implications is the one in which Simone Zaza was involved. The Lukani striker never did his job i.e. score goals as heavy as his contract. No team wanted to satisfy Torino’s desire to close this controversial arc, and therefore, the termination was reached by mutual consent. After eliminating three redundant cases, the administration did not permanently close the circuit. Pink is still there Simon Idera. His background is different from his former comrades. The winger is actually the product of the incubation of Turin, the Italian champion with the Primavera team. He joined the first team permanently from the 2017-2018 season, after loaning Parma and Venice, and also distinguished himself in two networks Signed in Capitoline Olimpico against Lazio in the League and in Rome in the Italian Cup.

However, Karam Mihajlovic did not find followers during the reign of Mazzarri, so much so that he was again shot on loan in Bologna on the orders of the Serb. The last season in which he had double-digit appearances in the grenade was the following season, between the departments of Mazzarri and Lungo. Giampaolo hasn’t considered him ready to score in the first division yet and so he has been sent to Reggina, where he has also amassed 16 matches, before cruciate ligament rupture. An injury, as we know, destabilizes any athlete, so much so that to regain some confidence on the field, he also found himself falling back in the spring. Meanwhile, Ivan Juric was appointed as coach last summer, and he did not have not considered. Last season, as last season. An unmistakable sell signal, even if events follow another turn.

Ivy, contract expires in June: first loan

For him the interest of some second-division clubs, in particular, Südtirol, newly promoted to the junior category, moved to the 97 category. In the end, the transfer did not take place and so Edera found herself It’s still pinkwith no chance of getting minutes and, above all, to recover from the serious injury from which he tried to start again. January It can be the right window to get back on track and get your career back. Then next summer there will be a pivotal moment in his grenade experience. In fact, his contract expires at June 2023 And right now, we’re light years away from a possible continuation of his Turin career.

Simon Idera