Casanovo (LC) – 31st Edition of Brianza Bike Marathon, That the return to the origins, took place today, Sunday, September 4th. We’re back to compete at one distance over the historical relics of the first editions of this historic long-distance mountain bike event. There is no San Genesio but you bike on a 49-kilometer route marked on the trails of Montevecchia Park and Coron Valley.

Photo © Trek Zerowind


The start was given at 10:00, the group in which the leader of the Trek Zerowind was, was bombarded to climb the gate and in front of it there were about ten passengers, then Juri Ragnoli opened the gas. Scott Racing’s captain’s work allowed Brycean to run but he wasn’t alone, along with the only person able to keep his wheel was Soudal man Lee Cogan, who was hard to break. Alexei Medvedev. And behind the fight on the podium appeared another Russian athlete, Anton Sentsov, stretching out over the rest of the pursuers.

Photo © Daniela Berlusconi

After traversing both Montevichia Provincial Park and Coron Valley, everyone expected a head-to-head head-to-head arrival at the last meter, rather than the curve before the tall, straight-faced Guri Rajnoli single-handedly crossed the finish line victorious after one hour 47″ 01″ was back to success in an important race Long after, which is also his first Brianza Marathon Bike win.

“Finally a race as it should be for my ambitions. Two of us sprinted, in the last two kilometers I gave my all, and at the last stretch I was able to break it. – I am very happy that I have arrived from a very difficult season, and now the best part is coming because there is the end of the season. Next Sunday, Mythos, then the World Championships in Denmark.”

Photo © Daniela Berlusconi

Alexei Medvedev gave up in the final as Saturday’s KronplatzKing Marathon in San Vigilio di Marepi made itself felt on the legs. He had cramps and crossed the finish line a little over a minute later, in third place compatriot Anton Sentsov completed the podium and kept the distance for other Soudal-Lee Cogan riders, Stefano Valderighi and Daniele Mensi.

Photo © Aurora Bandinelli – Soudal Lee Cougan

Male access request

1 ragnoli guri | open | Scott Racing Team 01:47:01.99
2 Alexei Medvedev | open | Soudal Lee Kogan International Team 01:48:11.08
3 Syntsov Anton | open | Orbea Club 01:48:53.81
4 Valdriguez Stefano | open | Soudal Lee Kogan International Team 01:49:09.85
5 Minsi Daniele | open | Soudal Lee Kogan International Team 01:49:24.41
6 Serval Alessandro | open | Cell Max Racing Team 01:49:51.99
7 Cominelli Christian | open | Scott Racing Team 01:49:57.99
8 where Jacobo | open | Scott Racing Team 01:50:41.57
9 Johnny Cattaneo | open | THE STRENGTH OF WILLIER 7C 01:51:14.63
10 Parisian Yannick | open | KTM PROTEK ELETTROSYSTEM 01: 51: 07.22.2018
11 Ramon Advantage | open | Tady Cycles 01:51: 22.57
12 Falsecchi Mateo | M 1 | SpaceBikes Team 01:51:32.31
13 Rosa Massimo | open | Soudal Lee Kogan International Team 01:53:40.39
14 La Mastra Giuseppe Domenico | open | Cell Max Racing Team 01:55:25.45
15 Tonilo Alessandro | M 2 | Leeson MTB 01:55:43.85

In the Pink Marathon Bike of Brianza we record the absolute dominance of the young woman from Trentino Vittoria Petrovito, the girl who appeared this year in the colors OMAP Cicli Andreis. He has already won many races, and this one from Casatenovo is the latest addition to his collection. Today he completed 49 kilometers in 2:17:24, behind him just four minutes later came KTM Protek Elettrosystem’s Marta Zanga, Lissone MTB’s Varese rider Karin Tosato, who completed the podium.

Women’s ending order

1 Petrovito Vittoria | DE (1) OMAP CYCLES ANDREIS 02:17:24
2 Zanga Marta | DE (2) KTM – PROTEK – Electrostim 02:21:37
3 TOSATO Karin | W2 (1) Leeson MTB 02:22:07
4 hedgehogs sofia | By (3) JAM’S BIKE TEAM BUJA 02:26:3179
5 Bertusi Camila | W3 (1) TEAM TODESCO 02:30:50
6 Beretta Simona | W1 (1) WET LIFE VELOLARIO 02:33:24
7 Mazzucotelli Simona | DE (4) GS MASSI ‘SUPERMERCATI 02:34:44
8 ONGARI Simona | W1 (2) BICISCOUT RACING TEAM 02:34:46
9 Paula Bonacina | W3 (2) PAVAN FREE BIKE 02:40:53
10 Scotto Di Marco Elisabetta | W2 (2) CASSINIS CYCLING TEAM 02:46:39

full arrangement: end to end