“Juric was happy. Matches like this are useful, but we need to improve. It’s always better to stay in the higher areas of the table.”


Assistant coach for TurinAnd the Matthew Barrowsoon at the press conference will comment on the game with Lychee.

How is Jurick? Did you hear that?
“We heard him with the boys after the match and he was happy. Unfortunately he has pneumonia and is being treated and he seems to be doing well so hopefully he will be back on the pitch soon.”

I suffered in the first half, how do you judge the performance of your team?
“Yes, in the first half we knew it was going to be a complicated game. Lecce is an organized team, they defended very well, they were low and they resumed playing very well, while we were struggling to move the ball quickly and we committed some technical errors as well, and we gave some strength to the players in The counter-attack was introduced, but in the second half, the team expressed itself better by moving the ball better and we won some tackles and stole more balls. He played an excellent match against a team we studied and put even big teams in difficulty. It was a complicated match.”

How did you see Ilkhan?
“He comes from a very different football than ours. He is a very smart guy, he works hard in training and learns fast. Since he arrived, he has made a lot of improvements. He has quality, passing and technique and he can improve even more. We are happy that he appeared without fear, we have seen him.” In Turkey he played heavy matches and important derby matches and we thought he could withstand the impact. He still has to learn a lot about our game, but he is definitely the potential man player.”

How do you stand against Juventus and Inter?
“Obviously the higher you are, the better. Players have to keep working like this because we have a lot of room to improve detail and detail and we can improve our game a lot. These are wins that help, give morale, make us work better. Now we are going to face a team. As great as Inter and we will have to play our game against them.”

An offside goal was disallowed and there was a great save by Falcone, but maybe there’s still a bit of accuracy in front of goal? How do you work on this aspect?
“Eh, when you are made to score goals, you need quality, conclusion, shooting, passing. In training we work on positions, on quality of passing, but it’s not that simple otherwise you’ll score a lot of goals. Today he is very cool. Well trained and wanted and we are we’re working on it”

Come stand shores?
“He injured his ankle and was already in pain at the end of the first half, but he wanted to continue. After a quarter of an hour we spoke to each other and he told me it was getting worse so I took him off”

Are you worried about your condition?
“Now I don’t know, the doctors will do the evaluations. I don’t think that’s worrying, but I don’t say anything because you never know.”