Juventus and Allegri facts between mistakes, absences, characters, plots and a season at a crossroads

The Juventus coach admitted after breaking up with Benfica and on the eve of the minute match away from home at Monza.

in a meeting with Mario Sconcert to was runningAnd the Max Allegri He told his truth. He didn’t do it in an actual interview, but anyway he’s telling about his thoughts at the moment, to say the least, from Juventus. Starting with team and individual mistakes. Like the six goals scored in the last few games in defense. From playing Mbappe in Paris, preferred by the space he got, to the penalty kick against Benfica, which Meretti caused, but his fault is attributed to Paredes, who was outside the center. Even if the Argentine’s arrival is referred to as a fortune. And then the list of fouls becomes long: foul passes, technical fouls, lack of tackles, loss of physical control over opponents. An example of his faith? Bayern – Barcelona, ​​where the Spaniards put on a show and the Germans won with physical strength. But with only one of these two qualities, it does not get its way.

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Another limitation for Juventus is that the starting line-up has never entered the field. Rabio Paredes Pogba They’ve never seen each other before and who knows how long we’ll have to wait, like that Church of Vlahović de Maria. Good MerityBut it’s 2003 and it takes time. and then Field: He can’t be asked to keep running for the full range of his age.

But it’s not just a technical aspect. Because today Juventus is missing Personal And Allegri, in this case, takes on his responsibilities, acknowledging that his job will be to give spirit to the team. The Tuscan coach has no accusations in the market, even if it is necessary to wait until January to see if the return of Pogba and Chiesa will be enough, given that their injuries were serious. Without five starting players, Inter and Milan would also be in trouble.

And to those who criticize him for not providing a game for the team, Allegri responds with examples from Real and Paris Saint-Germain, who emerged from difficult moments with the individual class and not the schemes. Adapting the game to the qualities of his players whom he loves because he sought and wanted them and not the other way around. And what did he do? Maria Just joining Benfica is a case in point.

Now you go to Monza, where someone says we play on the bench. With the invention of training and bruising others, there is not much to calm down. However, the standings would have been different if Locatelli had been 2-0 against Rome It has not been canceled, even without having to stick to it Salerno The goal was canceled in Melek.

However, there is a good thing. Bremer is immunity, owned by He gives a lot and criticizes a lot Rabbit It is lost like bread because it contains the above both technically and materially, unlike the poor. But the season is already standing at a crossroads. Winning in Lisbon and beating Haifa twice and I hope that will be enough not to leave immediately Champions League. in the league l’Inter It remains the team to beat, but Milan He has two outstanding players like Theo and Leo. Juventus? Altogether it’s very powerful. Hopefully he can prove it soon.