Juventus and Andreini were more involved in supporting Allegri

Turin – Juventus, we have problem: After the first twenty minutes, opponents seem to be running down the slopes. Faster, denser and more interactive than the Bianconeri. And so the points vanish. true that test orders legs – So the mental aspect certainly has its own effect – and the obligations are many. But it is also true, according to the sensations that flow from the environments of Juventus, that the legs of Captain Leonardo Bonucci And the guys don’t always seem to run as they like and should. there beats With Benfica, gains after an excellent start and an Arcadiusz goal owned by Just 4 minutes later, he sounded the alarm that had already started from a few matches at Casa Juventus. In Florence, for example, more or less the same thing happened, with the difference that after Milek’s initial goal (9′ from the first half) and Kouamé’s equalizer (29′), Mattia Perin avoided a penalty kick potentially overtaking Luca. Jovich. result Different, but the same sensations. Even against Salernitana, despite the Campania region’s initial advantage and Milek’s 3-2 net in the 95th minute, which was unjustly canceled due to the chaos of Var, Juve were physically exposed for long periods.

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Juventus, the coaching staff: from Folletti to Andreini, and from Landucci to Allegri

not to mention injuries Muscles: In just the last 10-15 days he’s stopped Angel Di Maria, Manuel Locatelli, Alex Sandro and even Adrien Rabiot’s robot. Yes in Continassa A question on me Wave. On the other hand, the consequences are there for all to see. Less ammo and changes to Allegri. The players thus become more tired and potentially at risk of new stops. A vicious cycle that Juventus wants to stop quickly to return to the league and reverse the trend in the Champions League, much more than the rise after the two defeats (Paris Saint-Germain and Benfica) in the first two days.


It will be up to Massimiliano Allegri Find the correct coordinates to go around. Juventus executives are pushing ahead with the “Conti Max” design. instead of Complete They are evaluating – not since yesterday, but for some time already – new interventions for to improve and facilitate work from technical. After the summer expansion of staff Technician with Paolo Bianco (Former assistant to De Zurbi) who joins Marco the Loyal Landucci (Assistant Coach), Maurizio trumpet (Technical Collaborator), Aldo treats (Technical Collaborator), Simon Folletti (Athletic Training Officer) and Simon Padwin (In his second year with Allegri), he thinks of new years “Reinforcements”. More than just a real addition to the existing group (staff details in the table above), Ads can be a pioneer Involvement From a number already on staff. This is to say about it Giovanni Andreini He was recruited in July by Andrea Agnelli Club with the role of coordinator of all areas related to the performance of the Allegri team. Previous prepared by ROBERTO Donadoni, first in Livorno, then in Bologna and also in China in Shenzhen, a kind of federation characteristic of the various sectors of the first team. Personality, the personality of the coordinator, is very fashionable in the major European clubs. Andreini interacts with both the technical staff and the medical staff. after months of Notes e studio In the world of Juventus, Andreini should start to make a more tangible impact, but always synergy With various crew to improve the performance of the players. Since you brought the last offers condition Physics is in the community, it’s safe to bet that a reboot will start from there.

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