Juventus and Professor Rossi: “Pogba, you made things worse”

“The patient is fine, calm, had a quiet night and can’t wait to start the rehabilitation process.” Speech is Professor Roberto Rossi, Orthopedic and Traumatologist, Chief Physician of the Hospital Mauriziano in Turin, University Professor at the University of Turin and Adviser to Juventus. He’s the surgeon she has on Monday Managed by Paul Pogba to the meniscus and recovery will follow.

Russian professor, was it a difficult process?

“Well, the tear of the outer meniscus was complicated because the tissue was fragmented.”

How did the surgery come about?

“As we have also seen from previous MRI scans, the meniscus injury worsened and when the player tried to force himself to run on the field, he developed a joint block in the knee.”

Was conservative treatment a failure then?

“Suppose it didn’t work. On the contrary, the lesion has worsened. Let’s imagine the meniscus as a gasket, made up of collagen fibers. Sometimes it happens that the fibers are no longer repairable: it depends on the location of the injury, the type of lesion and the quality of the tissue. When we spoke on Tuesday we evaluated All three of these elements.

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And what was the result?

“Even if we wanted to sew a broken meniscus, there were no conditions for us to do it: it was no longer repairable. It was only possible to intervene with a menopause. After all, the player has already been visited by two prominent figures in the sector, one of whom is a consultant directly in the United States and the other in France: in both cases the surgeons gave indications for an operation ».

How long did the process take?

“About 40 minutes in arthroscopy. Once we saw the meniscus we realized that the injury got worse. The damaged part of the outer meniscus, which is a very important and more complex structure, for example, was removed from the medial meniscus because it is thicker and has biomechanical properties » .

Now when will the rehabilitation begin?

«Immediately, from tomorrow (today, editor). We begin with the activity of the closed kinematic chain. That is, he will use the muscles needed for the knee but will do so with the knee extended, not the leg flexed. Then, depending on the reaction of the knee, that is, whether it will feel pain or not, and if there is no swelling, we will move on to the activity of the open motor chain: we will work on the muscles that serve the knee and we will be. able to bend it. It would obviously be a more effective measure.”

And then he will finally come to the race…

“Exactly. Then we move on to the final stage with the second half on the field ».

How long will it take to reach stage 3?

“Also in agreement with the Juventus doctors, we have clarified in eight weeks the time needed for Pogba to return to the team and return to group training. This is the estimated time, then it is necessary to assess the conditions and reactions when he starts to strengthen.”

Meaning it may take more or less than two months…

“The player will be evaluated on a weekly basis: he will come to JMedical where I will follow the development of rehabilitation and knee responses.”

What was the mood for Pogba after the surgery?

“I would say he’s calm, he spent the night in the clinic, he was very active, and eager to start rehab ASAP.”


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