Juventus and the flavor of last resort

Juventus’ last win goes back to August 31, about twenty days ago, which doesn’t seem like very long at this time of year during a “normal” season. Instead, after winning at home against Spezia, Juventus have already played four more matches, making up for two draws (Fiorentina and Salernitana) and several defeats (Paris Saint-Germain and Benfica).

In the tournament, the distance that separates Vlahovic and his teammates from the top is certainly not insurmountable, only four points, and today it can be shortened even more given the series of direct clashes that will occur between the teams that precede it. On the other hand, in the Champions League, the situation is already complicated with the French and Portuguese with full points, while the Bianconeri remain firmly at zero in the company of the Israelis from Maccabi.

Beyond standings and individual match results, what worries the entire Juventus environment the most is the team’s performance. At this start to the season, there is only one aspect we can be satisfied with: the racing approach. In nearly all of the matches, Allegri’s men began to put their feet on the accelerator, and they proved they had the skills to put their opponents through difficulty starting with very high pressure on the top ball carriers. Then as soon as the distances begin to widen, about twenty minutes into the first half, the team led by Leonardo Bonucci practically leaves the field, no matter which opponent is in front of you.

From all other points of view Juventus are performing very poorly, much worse than the results tell us of matches. The first and perhaps the most obvious problem is the mathematical one: the Bianconeri only seem to have fuel in their legs for the first fifteen to twenty minutes of play. With the exception of the “special” season that will see an important respite towards the end of the year, Juventus appears to be more unprepared sportingly than all the other competitors, from the most famous to the most modest. Every now and then we see some reactions to difficult situations, but more than on a physical level, it is a psychological and mental response that also fades, because the legs do not rotate properly.

Emotionally and psychologically, the team seems very fragile and once things don’t start to go as hoped The players seem to be in a panic Take away that much necessary calm so you can think about embarking on some serious business. The most obvious finding is that any hint of pressure by opponents sends Juventus’ ball carriers into difficulty, who in turn make petty mistakes even for Lega Pro players.

Finally, the most serious problem is the tactical identity of this team. After the first twenty minutes of the match, You get the feeling that the Juventus players have no idea what to do with the ball at their feet, as if Massimiliano Allegri had not given him any dictates of respect, neither on the level of the scheme of the game nor on the movements to be made. So we find ourselves, almost helpless, to notice the rotation of the ball carrying the ball from one to the other without ever attempting an offensive header that could lead to Vlahovic’s competitive ferocity. At most, Bonucci could try to push into the attack outside, hoping opposing defenders are far enough away to allow his teammates to take control of the ball and try to attack from behind.

To add more spice to the difficult situation of Juventus, the same coach who, after declaring that he had to “Shut up and work”He allowed himself to go and chat with his friend and journalist Mario Sconcerti. During this dialogue, the Livorno technician touched on several points, some of which he shared and others less, but it left the feeling that Allegri has lost his sacred fire a bit Who burned internally until a few years ago, appealing to the referee for mistakes or absences was never in his style, but during this interview, the Juventus coach wanted to hit those keys as well.

Today’s match against Palladino’s Monza has a flavor of last resort. If we don’t see any progress, we wouldn’t be too surprised if the Juventus administration relieved Allegri of his position in the hope that he would be able to save the season that was born in the worst way.