“Juventus has lost its DNA, and Vlahovic’s perversion is frustrating”

on your own channel YoutubeAnd the Fabio Carissa Comment on the match between Juventus and Benfica. These are the words summed up by the editors TuttoJuve.com.

“Juventus’ second half with Benfica is worrying for many reasons: because they were not competitors, due to the complete absence of the match and the inability to defend themselves adequately. I was also confused by the substitutions. Allegri is right in the eye of the storm: he is the coach of the team and if the team goes wrong He only bears the responsibility. It is true that there are many missing players, but it is also true that the responsibility of the coaching staff and the coach if there are eight muscle injuries, thirty muscle injuries last season. Obviously something in terms of preparation is not working. It is not that people Only those over thirty are done, everyone is getting hurt a little and this is a very serious problem.”

“Allegri is looking for a different face for the team, but he has not found it – Carissa continues – Allegri is an attitude situation: he tries to start strong, so Juventus succeeds in scoring a goal immediately and then when the forces fail because the pressure fails to do so for ninety minutes, but it would be appropriate to do it for sixty minutes. When you find the target, you can play the situation game i.e. make sure they don’t score any goal. But this certainty no longer exists. Before, when Juventus were leading 1-0, it was very difficult for both teams to equalise. Now, however, you get the impression that all opposing teams can draw. When Juve pulled their center of gravity to catch their breath, they no longer had the same bad as before, perhaps not even the same organization and men. When he tries to start from the back he makes a lot of mistakes in the dribbling phase and in my opinion he doesn’t benefit from the attackers.”.

Then Karissa concludes: “Berjomi has always told me that the defense starts with the movements of the strikers. Vlahovic’s deviation, especially this season, is frustrating. I understand that he feels the weight of the shirt, but that weight cannot become a weight that forces you from having to look for exciting play in the Every time. Vlahovic rarely exchanges with his teammates: his first idea when he catches the ball is to cross or shoot on goal. At the moment, the Serbian cannot play with the team. Best Milik, who was caught on purpose: comes to stitch the game And now he scores regularly. I wonder why Milik was replaced: mentally, I understand why Vlahovic was playing badly and mentally waiting, but in such important games you can’t stand thinking like that. Vlahovic should have gone out, not Milik. Di Maria played in a situation Very tough physique and he can’t make a difference. Juventus wants to play 4-3-3 with a great press. High ion: When he can do that, he can play high goals and score goals. But when she fails, she no longer has her DNA”.