Juventus has turned into a guinea pig, Turkish things since the introduction of Var.. an injustice that makes us doubt: they should be ashamed. The company’s silence is no longer acceptable. The club is in decline and Allegri has problems with himself

Juventus? forget that. cheerful? forget that. Whoever plays it inappropriately and is Kane instead of Milek has a problem: with himself. the society? forget that. His silence is no longer acceptable. Juventus’ third wine shirt? forget that. Children no longer know that Juventus colors are black and white. Well, at this point, they’ll think it’s the “knurled” social color. Juventus cannot perform this way. Queen Elizabeth’s funeral is held a millennium rite. The Queen will never be buried at a funeral in New Orleans, between jazz and dance. Juventus in decline: planning, companies, technology, moods. Having said that: go on this list, with var, with these rare rulers. Those who apply the “regulations” even punish is no longer the infringement, but the intention. With these types of cabbage, with a fart under the nose in concern of being ‘crucial’ they miss tracing lines. Are you sure Candreva (Bonucci’s intent or not and we’re already sick here) didn’t keep everyone in the game close to Milek? According to Sky, Candreva kept everyone at least half a meter in the game. “The most obvious mistake since Farr was brought up,” explained Fabio Caressa. In short: Marcenaro assigns the goal to Milik. But Var points out offside and cancels Marcenaro. Except that offside doesn’t exist, Candreva keeps everyone on the line: by half a meter. Error. At the expense of Juventus, as it happens. And do you know what drives crazy? Technical error cannot be invoked. Var does not make mistakes. It’s a drain that doesn’t combine Turkish but it can’t. So: cuckolded and mazziati. Shame. Shame on Rocky. Shame on Trentalange. Shame on everyone who justifies (and has been and will happen) the direction of Marcinaro and Var. After Melek was sent off (he could save himself by taking off his shirt) after Cuadrado (with Salerno) was sent off, after they were cheerfully sent off, with the damage also ridiculed. too much.

We are in the subconscious. We are in Fabbri (in Genoa) and Marcenaro (in Turin). There are classic referees: the match with them ends in a quarrel. Not the players fault. because of them. Refereeing does not mean tyranny of those on the field. Otherwise it is inevitable that women of easy virtue will end up. The player and coach know when they have been wronged. Nothing justifies rudeness, violent play, and fraudulent behaviour. But nothing can justify the behavior of rulers who consider themselves eternal fathers and, on the contrary, are “dwarves” in technical terms. So far, Juventus must have a valid goal that must score at least three goals. You have lost the number of canceled goals this season. For heaven’s sake it’s all for “sneak”. But there are “offsides” and infiltration. Vlahovic in Genoa was exciting. The person who punishes Bonucci is not ridiculous: he is arrogant. Injustice makes you doubt. The statistics don’t lie. Juventus suffered greatly from VAR. Since Var’s introduction, the first penalty was taken against Juventus in Turin, then Buffon saved the penalty. Juventus “guinea pig” made the subject of arbitration “attention” unprecedented in history. As if she had to “pay” for a tyranny that allowed her to win nine league titles in a row. Erati and Farr in Turin closed their eyes on the punch Smalling gave the ball into his area. The footballers said he “protected himself”. So if a player on the goal line protects himself from a shot that hits the women’s eyes it will not be a penalty. A kick like that is really expelling. Football Palace comes out of its slumber. Football (also for other reasons) finds fewer spectators in the stadium. Fewer and fewer users are on TV. Low number of newspaper readers. It provides radio and is an efficient method that does not come at any extra cost. Continue like this, to make a ham of common sense, whip up the passions of the masses, and hide behind a deceptive and unjust slate that kills player fatigue, which condemns individual creativity. It continues like this, with Duceschi umpires who only know how to extract the questionable “yellow” and as soon as they hear a word, as soon as they see a “hurt” gesture waving the “reds”, reducing the size of the players and coaches to the “bulls”. Made by people who have never kicked a ball in their lives. They are rulers. When I was a kid, poor people ended up in goal. And those that are rarer in “judgment”. If you are judging (rather than playing) you have a problem; You are looking for a “compensation” for your pedestrian failures with a whistle in your mouth. Unfortunately this appears. and how you can see it. too much.