Juventus Salernitana and VAR photos, disturbing background appear

That ugly mess Juventus Salernitana They constitute a ‘before’ and ‘after’ in the recent history of VAR in the first division, which none of the players would be able to overlook, starting with clubs and referees. Unavailability of pictures, when the cameras will show how much and where they were Candreva And whether he continued the game or not Bonucci Resulting in an impact on the target owned by Opening a Pandora’s box about it I was and fairness in evaluation.

The main image, which we showed you, “was not usable” by varsity team: In short this is the concept that The Hague He wanted expression and affirmation, basing his examinations and reflections on a written form (another novelty).

Juventus Salernitana, total chaos

In short, this complete confusion with the inevitable uprising of the people, players and professionals including the coach Allegri Took the square to protest that it could have been dictated by the lack of express company position of Candreva that keeps playing Bonucci Thus, the evaluation error is punished on the target Milik and the decisive goal of victory.

The decision not to stop Marcenaro

Admitting the error, unquestionably, though resorting to a keen interest in form, changes the perspective taken by the judging class up until this season with respect to these slips, to what we have defined as chaos but can take the form of “erotic censorship” or any expression Another refers to Controversial evaluation Carpenter Which, for the record, apparently won’t stop by designer.

A decision that will certainly lead to a discussion, but it is about a relationship of trust and respect that goes beyond what happened during it Juventus Salernitana.

Source: ANSA

The Hague and study hours and see pictures Var

to this study and analysis scenario that involved Lissone all day, to then repeat to the public and the media, the error of assessment by the referee team in the field and that I was here this Gazzetta dello sport confirms in after a day In particular. Details that were not minimal.

for every The same admission in The Hague Not all league games see the same number of cameras on the field. A Celt dictated by economic issues. There are three classes with the relative number of camp rooms, selected by agreement with the league:

“In Standard A they will have 18 cameras, in B 16, in C 12. Each of them has two GLT cameras and a tactical camera. The choice is always made by the Lega, and in particular by the media playback office, based on the so-called production criteria for the meeting. In practice The process, to be determined according to the resumption of the match. Production costs are about 32-33 thousand euros for Class C, 42-43 for Class B and 52-53 for Class A.”

This Candreva’s position, the distance, how important it is to Bonucci’s assessment and, finally, in Milik’s 3-2 goal, was analyzed by Sky, Mediaset and moviolisti who intercepted and studied these images which – we remember – are not those from Var, as in the case of the image made available by Sky .

Fonte: Sky

Economic background

Behind this sensational case that also attracted the attention of foreign media, there would be an economic choice that would have led toAllianz Law Stadium Deploying 12 cameras for 18 cameras that can be placed in favor of a mouse and may be able to intercept it Candreva It reaffirms the correctness of a goal owned by.

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