Juventus Salernitana, because the VAR did not see Candreva but he slipped on goal

A reconstruction of what happened in the final minutes of the Juventus-Salernitana match immediately after Milek’s 3-2 goal, which was initially checked and then canceled by the referee after a field review, highlights a gap that appeared in the VAR room in Lissone. This is not Var’s first serious mistake, but the first time – due to a technical and human error – the right decision made on the field has been altered.

Look at the photo below on the right: it’s the so-called “tactical camera”, included in the Lega Calcio camera plan and used by clubs (in this case identified by Juventus, specifically for the tactical analysis of the match). It is the only one of the 15 Allianz attendees who Wide field shows Milik’s goal timecanceled due to intrusion by Bonucci.

missing photo

His images, passing through the direction of the stadium, should then reach the Var room in Lissone, allowing us to notice Candreva, closer to the baseline than Bonucci, as shown in our SkyTech detail. But as it turns out, they never made it to Lissone. Then Far Panty and Avar Preity evaluated them with the other rooms. Among those low points Candreva is still framing for a moment in Milik’s header moment. But this was not enough to raise the alarm. basically Far and Avar didn’t realize that the lead actor was missing from the goal scenehidden from all snapshots, especially from a snapshot room 16 meterswhich usually remain wide in corner kicks.


assistant role

Maybe a report fromTrenchery Assistantwho saw well on the field raising the flag down precisely because he saw Candreva, but he trusted, or if you prefer to entrust him, with a var’s assessment.

Var status ‘non-negotiable’

Perhaps here is the main moral of the story: Technology is helpful, but in and of itself it does not guarantee perfection, in this case this is the full coverage of the field. And in such a case, the enthusiasm is never excessive. In short, the explanation is there, and we also consider the excitement of the final and the assessment to be made on Bonucci’s punishment and on Milec’s double yellow, but it remains wrong. The first, from memory, which did not simply prevent a wrong decision made on the field from being corrected, but overturned a decision that was correct instead. The truth itself is limited to one game but What appeared is a broader discourse: The pictures provided were not helpful to illustrate the intrusion, which is objective and represents the non-arguable case of Var par excellence. How often has this happened or will it happen?