Juventus – Salernitana, goals scored by Candreva, Piatek, Bremer, Bonucci

Candreva and a penalty kick from Piatek gave the visitors the lead in the first half, and the Bianconeri cut Bremer and made Bonucci 2-2 after Seppi refused a penalty. Then Milik scored, but the goal was canceled and Juventus finished at 9

In the 90′ ​​Salernitana felt victory in her pocket, a well deserved 2-1 at the Allianz Arena, thanks to Candreva and Piatek’s first-half penalty kick, which Bremer cut in half at the start of the second half. Half. In injury time, the storm breaks out: first Bonucci equalizes by sending a penalty kick that Seppi refused, then Milek scored the sensational 3-2, took off his shirt in jubilation and was sent off (second yellow card). But then Var punishes Bonucci’s offside position in Milek’s goal action and thus nullifies the goal. In the climate of the Far West, Cuadrado, Fazio and Alegre were expelled.


In Juventus, the infirmary rises rather than empties: after the very discouraging news on the church front (except for the expected return in October, if all goes well if he returns in November), Rabio station, after Locatelli stops, reaches the overload in the sole. The surf chrysanthemum is still big, and Allegri decides to turn to McKinney and Meriti. Advanced confidence in Kane, along with Vlahovic. Nicolas thickens the midfield and puts Dia and Piatek up front, telling his side to keep the lines tight, great aggression in interception even earlier, and great readiness in reversing the move.

Double advantage Salernitana

Result: Salernitana performs perfectly, Juventus after questioning Seppi twice in the first minutes with Meretti unjustifiably absent from the match. There are two mistakes Cuadrado and Salernitana make with an advantage: first Maggiore does not benefit from a good job, then Matzuchi dances in the zone, freeing himself for the cross and finding Candreva the happiest effect. It’s 18 minutes, and the first half has turned definitively: Juventus will not only be able to reach the shot, but will not even be able to take noteworthy offensive actions. On the other hand, Salernitana plays from memory and flies on the wings of confidence, constantly getting Juve at a loss with quick movements that instantly drop them in the shooting area. Piatek narrowly misses the winning swerve in the 30th minute, then Perrin cashes a fine shot for a corner kick in the 42nd minute. The third attempt is Pistolero’s good one, and in the 50th minute comes Salernitana’s double: Bremer’s handball penalty on one of his conclusions and from the point the pole displaces Perrin Really big.

Bremer reopens the match

The second half begins with Milik on the field in place of Kane, and a few minutes later, with Juventus halving the score: Kostik runs away from Koulibaly and passes a tense cross, Bremer advances over Seppi. It’s 51 minutes and the match is 1-2. Salernitana felt the hit, and after a minute risked her goal: Vlahovic fired by Milik sprinting on the counter-attack and shooting in the middle, and Fazio trying to free the area hit the crossbar. But the match was stopped due to the offside of the Serbian. Salernitana has lost a bit of wits, even if she continues to play offensively with resourcefulness and personality. At 63′ Meretti and De Sciglio give way to Fagioli and Alex Sandro. The minutes pass and Jovec tries to tighten the time: Alhović first calls Sebi for a difficult swerve in the corner and then misses his goal a little, Paredes does not find the mirror, Milik, sent by Vlahovic, touches the left post, but also Perin dodges on the ground on Dia. Pole keeps laps high: first he failed to clear a cross from Cuadrado into the net, then hit the crossbar. But Salernitana resists and acts as a deposit.

The end of this far west

Marcenaro conceded five minutes to recover, and here it all happens: Vilhena drops Alex Sandro in the area, Bonucci gets a rejected penalty and then forgives by pushing the ball into the net 2-2, in 91 minutes. In the 94th minute, it was up to Milik to turn the score around 3-2: his shirtless jubilation cost him a second yellow card and thus a red card. But that is not all, because Var controls the movement of the goal and decides that it should be canceled due to an offside from Bonucci, who did not touch the ball but crossed the line of the defenders. A battle erupted on the pitch: Cuadrado, Fazio and Allegri also red cards, and Juventus went out with one point in a row after Florence.