Kjaer and Jiro evidence of professors. Tonali wrestler

These are the Sampdoria-Milan report cards:

Mignan 7: Djuricic makes him hear the crossbar, but then he doesn’t have much work to do with his hands. On the other hand, his foot readings are no longer new. In terms of Sampdoria’s goal, he could have probably done more on his way out. The double save on Gabbiadini falls at the moment of Sampdoria’s greatest impact on numerical superiority.

Calabria 6.5: He takes a performance in Salzburg, puts it on file, and pulls one on his own level. Decisive closing to intercept Dorian’s restart, does not lose variance and wins many second balls. very well.

Kjaer 7.5.1 Update: contains Kabuto, which made him move away from the Rossoneri penalty area. Compared to Reggio Emilia, he also increases his range of motion which makes Sampdoria play, in the offensive phase, even more crushing. With Milan in 10, he definitively took over the reins of the defensive phase, leading it calmly and quality through Dorian’s attack. He takes a risk on Al-Sabeeri, but it is the opponent who is looking for him to find a penalty that does not exist.

Bunny 6: At least three flaws in the first half, one of which activates a well-rebooted Sampdoria closed by Calabria. They are the only episodes reported with sufficient evidence and without significant smears.

Theo Hernandez 6.5: pressing hard because he knows that internally and externally it can destroy the left wing. He often finds the ball when looking for cuts in the middle of the field. He’s showing Giroud a great ball for a 0-2 possibility in the first half. In the second half he warned in the non-possession stage.

Tonali 7: The play on Leris at the end of the first half of a TV commercial, just how the antagonist ends up in the arms of discerning spectators. Midfield, he’s upping the ante, showing that Tuesday’s Champions League little pass was a loop. decisive in the phase of pure struggle.

Escape 6.5: It takes more and more confidence to play in the middle. This is a significant first, taking measurements first in the Rincon and then dominating it in terms of overall performance. He can and should always be useful to this team. (from 78′ Vranckx sv).

Christ 6.5: He must have an open account with the Ligurians, because tonight is the fourth after the three who scored against Genoa last year. Boca Odeiro in the first half and has a leg to embarrass Augello. (from 58′ Tomori 6: It enters into a three-man defense and gives more solidity to the back section when Pioli has to rearrange the team).

Ketelaere 6: Farr takes his first goal in a Milan shirt, believing in Odero’s mistake, but Giroud’s slight offside (?). Bewley wants him more in the game and his teammates are looking for him more. Enter the goal of the first feature with an important play. (from 71′ Bin Nasser 6: It enters a complex moment, in which there is more to cover and destroy than to build. Implement).

Leo 6: He is devastated when he leaves. They almost can’t stop it. Fabri gives him an intense yellow, but he keeps doing what he wants on the left wing. Messias goal movement enters first with the break where he breaks the opponent’s double and then touches the ball that reaches Junior for the advantage goal. He was sent off at the start of the second half because he hit Ferrari in the face while trying to get past the header. The problem is that the first warning has no reason to exist. Fabri’s professionalism deprives Milan of the best player against Napoli.

Giroud 7.5.0 Update: In motion he has two balls to bring down Sampdoria, but he can’t find the critical hit. He moves well and puts Ferrari and Murillo in trouble with his shorts, longs, and half-moons to try to evade the linear match of the pivotal players. His penalty kick is heavy and he throws it hard and maliciously to send a message to everyone, on and off the field. Holds some vital balls.

Supplement Pioli 7Milan is stronger than Sampdoria and they show it in the first half. It is a pity that we do not achieve a clear advantage. Fabri does his part to spoil the party, but he’s redesigning his team that has grown mature even in a struggling stage. Red Leao spoils his match against Napoli, but he hopes Rebic and Origi will be available on Sunday.