Klopp in a live press conference

Champions League – Jürgen press conference club eve Napoli – Liverpool. The day before the match on the first day of Champions League Napoli Liverpoolspeaking at the conference Klopp and Alison Liverpool in the Champions League calendar match. on me Football Naples 24 The Live lecture by Klopp and Alison.

Klopp and Alisson in the previous press conference for Napoli and Liverpool

Napoli – Liverpool: Klopp and Alison in Press Conference. The Liverpool boss spoke directly the day before the match with one of the Reds’ players. Klopp and Alison in the conference. This is reported by CalcioNapoli24.

20.40 – the end of the press conference.

20.38 – Klopp: “Napoli is dangerous? I think you’re looking for the nickname, do you think the city is dangerous? I don’t know, I’m protected here with the facilities in the hotel. I have a feeling you don’t know what to ask me, and you know how these tweets spin. If there is The risk of clashes between fans, there could be problems. But I don’t live in Naples and I’m not here to give titles. I’d like to go back to the hotel to prepare for the match”

20.34 – Klopp: “The current moment for Naples? They have many strong and talented youngsters, I’m not sure but I think some time ago there was a little tension in the environment because of some of the departures. Now, however, the waters have calmed down and I’m happy: And yet Zelensky remained, And I think we can build the team around him. The project is interesting, the game is strong, Spalletti is a great coach: no one should be surprised by the fact that he has remained calm in this situation. He is the perfect coach for such situations.”

20.33 – Klopp: “How about Jones and Carvalho? Curtis took a tibia, but now he’s fine and trained in a group. But the problem is not that serious. As for Fabio, he had muscle and he is unable to train: we hope he will be ready for the weekend”

20.29 – Klopp: “What do we have to do to win? I’ve always lost here, but I’ve reached the Champions League final at least twice: I’m someone who matures later, and it takes longer to reach the goal. Maybe the fourth time I win, But Napoli is very strong. Did Spalletti wear my hat to get close to my style? He won’t wear a hat because he’s in great shape: he’s worked all over the world, you can see who his teams are. I respect him, and can’t wait to meet him”

20.27 – Klopp: “Could Arthur play? Ironically, it might be a better chance to play in the Champions League, than in the Premier League. He needs to play football, we included him in the group because he didn’t train in with Juventus.”

20.26 – Klopp: “Is Thiago Alcantara ready? He has resumed training today, it’s day two and in theory he is ready: I ​​don’t know for how long. Henderson? We are waiting for the ultrasound result, I think he will be back after the break”

20.25 – Jürgen Klopp’s Areva

20.22 – Alisson: “Kvaratsekhelia? We are ready for any situation, when you play against an opponent you try to learn as many things as possible. We are ready for every opponent, Napoli has many talented and young players. I think it will be a great match, we will try to win it. Even if it is Tough. Does Spalletti know me? Although I worked with him, I don’t think it’s an advantage, I realize the value of the Napoli players.”

20.20 – Alisson: “Spalletti called me as a goalkeeper? Thank you, it was a pleasure to work with him in one season in Rome: I grew up a lot although I wanted to play more, he knew it but I learned a lot from him.? We are all fighting, even Ajax and Rangers deserved to be there: everyone has a chance, we will fight and we will do our best to go forward and win the group.”

20.18 – Alisson: “How do we use the disappointment of a losing final in a positive way? We can try to take advantage of this dynamic and take advantage of it to get extra motivation: we are here to play against a great team like Napoli, and that is enough as motivation. We have to struggle to get through the transition, then We’ll see “

20.16 – Alisson: “How long did it take for us to lose the final against Real Madrid? I admit that the day after the defeat was difficult, I was frustrated not to win the cup and not reach a goal. Professionals, we must be able to accept these dynamics, even if they are difficult. I’ve been able to deal with them since I was a boy, they are part of the sport.As players, we have to be able to respond to these challenging moments.

20.14 – Alisson: “Only two wins and a few clean sheets? We are not happy with our situation, we have to manage the results better. Even if we win them all, we certainly wouldn’t be excited: the season was just starting and we need to improve. Quietly and with work we will come back to keep Clean nets and win matches

20.11 – Alison: “Arthur? I spoke to him on the day he arrived, he’s a great guy, then you’ll see when he’ll be in 100% and settle in. It’s not easy to move from one country to another, I did the same from Italy to England. He has a lot of quality and is ready, he will be able to overcome his small difficulties ”

20.10 – Allison arrives.

20.00 – CalcioNapoli24’s live video will start in a few minutes.