Klub’s erotic gesture, social scandal, Merritt outburst and Spalletti’s background

Napoli is in Liverpool with a double from Zielinski and goals from Anguisa and Simeone. Big joy for Spalletti


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Zero to this social media distraction in Liverpool, who forgot to tag the players in the tweet (the only people who were abused in their Napoli stay) as he warned everyone about the assaults, thefts and the various eviscerations that Napoli fans could have experienced! Things that compared to Jenny Savastano’s days in Honduras were a healthy walk. shocked Alexander Arnold says: “When Steve A Furigrutta Steve ‘Peel Na Kaban.. Nassim’ I’m Steve No the Georgian Dodger…”

One goal scored, which in no way detracts from the confidence of the LEGO house Merritt. Alex freed himself from the chains and also from that leash holding him in the exits. He reads the race, takes risks, takes some chances, even makes holes thirty meters high with his feet. He also allows himself the luxury of excitement over a kidney strike that quells any ambition for a Reds comeback. Like Fred Ullman’s friend: Found again. The night is like a long spree, the long-awaited rematch.

because of meters Of unscrupulousness and rationality in the same body. Kim He knows how to transcend, without transgression, knows how to risk, without riskHe knows perfectly well the harmony of opposites. In this gentle-faced giant we can see the deep marks of oriental education, the subtlety that allows him to circle the crucial stages of the game without leaving any trace of error. If you think you’re good at something you mention, there’s always an Asian kid ready to humiliate you. “You Orientals, if you organize yourselves, we Westerners will crush our donkeys like this.” Speech by Tony Bisappia.

Three points we don’t care about. Who looked at the arrangement? It wasn’t a match, but a journey without even taking a single step. Mass ecstasy, forever lingering night when David Goliath knocks. Climb the gardens of Babylon, and behold the beauty of it is oxygen, which radiates like a beam of early morning light, that you cannot even keep your eyes open. Naples is very beautiful, which is still not locked. To slap yourself, to understand whether you are dreaming or awake. Klopp’s apologies to his fans made the sensational blow the Reds received.

Four goals against Liverpool with Ciro in the Maradona shirt in the stands. The stars do not stand still, the blackboard sky welcomes the dreams of those who still know how to be amazed by unconditional love. For a boy, without formal invitations, he appears on the field as a fan, and not as an ex-lover. Yesterday it wasn’t Mertens, but Ciro was going home. Who wants to find his people again. He is a star on the contrary, the heart of the footballer’s cliché deserves to be commended. Ciro is back because he needs it, because absence is the greatest measure any love uses. To remember, in its origin: from the Latin re-cordis, to review the parts of the heart. blue heart forever. This shirt will never change its color. I miss half the shade.

Five Steps It Kills You Like a Deadly Move by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. Lobotka does not threaten you, does not frighten you, does not even touch you, but drives you out powerlessly. Silently practicing the Five Finger Heart Exploding Technique, imparting mild pressure that is then deadly to the opponent’s arteries. We all had a friend like that, who solves all your problems and ends up disrespecting him. Who is always there, who always knows what you need. Like O.K.: Stan knows where it hurts and prevents any pain.

You are an Argentine kid with the UEFA Champions League crest tattooed on his arm. Giovanni Simeone He was twelve years old under Corva del Maradona, as he cried and kissed the UEFA Champions League crest. It had not yet been fifteen years, and the tape was brought back the day he got the child’s tattoo. A dream subsided with the fatigue of the chaos that had occurred, before the Naples show that removed all doubts. What a joy. What tears. What an indelible emotion. Cry and enjoy Giovanni. We are with you. comets. for you.

Seven in cold blood spalletti. He has a volcano inside, but he’s a Tibetan monk in front of the cameras. He knows the pitfalls of dialectics and the traps that a night of collective madness brings with it. He is waiting for spices, he wants to see the same eyes and the same appetite. There is a lurking mag Because last year he wanted more honors to qualify for the Champions League. He has to play the firefighter, who is not afraid but knows full well that here we go from exaltation to tragedy at the speed of Marcel Jacobs.

Otto upon the return of Peter the Great. An eclectic vision of the role of a midfielder, with a license to kill and a passion for poetry. Zelensky Spreading like wildfire on the field, winning his game of risk as dominator, conquering even Julius Caesar’s parts of the enemy camp. One by one, the Reds’ constants collapsed, his every move meticulously planned by Professor La Casa de Carta. “You can make all your dreams come true without hurting anyone.” It kills you softly, like a song you haven’t heard in a while. And I wanted to hear bloody again.

Nine to the shirtless Unidentified Body 77. Detections of alien life forms have put the computers in Area 51 in a state of extreme collapse: they cannot belong to this world. KvaratskheliaWho, at the start in the Champions League, took with a hammer and Thor wasn’t all he was trying to contain, treated Alexander-Arnold as if he were a fourth-tier partner in sparring. There is something special in this boy’s eyes, in the movements that pay homage to the greats of the past, in the physicality that does not seem to belong to those whom that talent accepts. A bat dived into the River Styx, not even letting his heels dry. But my heart only beats fast when the ball comes to your side? Let’s stay calm, though… I love you.

Ten for Frank who decides everything himself. You have to ask him for permission if you want to cross the midfield that starts spinning on the ball. Nureyev with cuirassier structure. Everything a guy could do, at a football match, in the ’90s is embarrassing domination: not just a dam, but an engineer too. Dominance has never been questioned, and tyranny has not given any response. Because there was no chance of competing at Frank’s level. Like Ali the Great: “I am the greatest. Not only do I beat them, but I pick the round as well.” So do what you love, Anguisa.