Kvaratskhelia “sliced” like Salt Bae! Merit closes everything, Simeone from high school. Spalletti, if Glasgow is Christmas… Milan is New Year’s Eve

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By Claudio Russo (@claudioruss)

Milan-Napoli record, votes

Merit 7 – A resounding rescue of Jiro, confirmed on Krunich. The reflection on Messias is amazing, he can’t do anything about the goal. It is also safe to the right of the central Adly.

to Lorenzo 6,5 – He managed to put a patch with Kim on Giroud in the 13th minute. He should pay attention to Theo Hernandez, but he does not mind attacking the wing until he reaches the cross. A neat exit from the back at the start of shooting.

Rahmani 6 – Giroud runs off as easily as Krunic in the 28th minute. Then it gets better, and the intervention in which the Tonali filter plug is good.

Kim 6,5 – The bandage he presents himself with is no problem, well positioned on Saelemaekers at 8′. Forget Giroud in the 13th minute but they managed to recover and made it difficult for him to shoot. Mario helped Roy and often traveled to his area. Then he continues to take care of the Frenchman, on target trying to advance and leaving him alone – thinking he was covered? It’s the only smudge in the reading stage, but it’s heavy in weight. A miracle in the last second on Brahim Diaz, and worth half a vote more.

Mario Roy 6,5 – He revives the left axis with Kvaratskhelia, but his chances are few because Milan is trying to put him in trouble. In the 61st minute, Dest criticized him and rebounded, and only Messias ran away from him defensively in the middle of the second half. This south on the 1-2 cross is very accurate. (91′ Matthias Oliveira SV)

Anguise 6 Milan flees in the middle of the field and cannot be divided into three or four players. He seems to do a better job when he can unleash his dynamism in the second half, when the spaces widen – but behind him De Ketelaere can create the tie ball. In the final, Theo doesn’t press too much into a kalulu casual move, but he gives it all.

Lobotka 6.5 – Dominicini asks him to try more than Kvaratskellia, Milan deny him reception for most of the first half. Then he improves dramatically, taking advantage of his shortness and tying himself between the shirts of the Rossoneri. Always in the right place and low center of gravity, it closes in with a big ratchet.

Zelensky 6 Milan is his favorite victim, but he has not scored in seven matches. The shooting is inaccurate, in the auxiliary stage noted for suggestions to Politano, Di Lorenzo, Raspadori. (from 87′ Ndombele SV)

Politano 6.5 Very weak given Milan’s intentions, but he’s ready to take the restart and step back defensively. He returned immediately after Glasgow, coldly and with little luck given the result. (From 66′ Zerbin 5.5 – Spalletti trusts him, but he immediately misses some props: Theo runs away from him in the goal, trying to compensate with a nice right kick that Minnen refused)

Raspaduri 6 – He has already scored in San Siro, it is not easy to find spaces between Kjaer and Tomori: if he moves, he frees up areas where one does not always throw himself. (From 66′ Simone 7 – Movement on the target is great, to be reviewed in schools of strikers. touch ten balls)

Kvaratskhelia 7 – Kjaer takes action right away, has a hard time turning and has to come and get the ball in his own half: as soon as the pressure drops, he raises half of Milan’s defense, Kjaer and Calabria, to yellow. Heel in the penalty area, then it is always dangerous when driving: a dist touch deserves a penalty. Cut the left wing like salt the meat. (from 87′ Elmas SV)

Spalletti (Dominicini off the bench) 7 – He changed only once after Glasgow, but he has already made it clear: the team is put together and small in the first minutes, but swings a lot in the back. Milan are pressing hard and deny Lobotka’s comfortable reception, but his team knows how to wait for the right spaces once the Rossoneri’s pressure drops. In the second half, the approach was different: the team managed to find confidence in the first half of the half, with a lot of advantages, before again suffering from the physicality of the Rossoneri. The feeling was negative, after Giroud’s equaliser, but at that moment Napoli raised their heads, filled every gap Milan sought, and cynically surgically exploited the only obvious scoring opportunity. If Glasgow is Christmas, Milan is New Year’s: the first mini-phase of the season ends with fireworks.